Today is Tu b’Shvat – the New Year for the Trees – well our Creator calls us “A Tree Of The Field” – in fact everything you need to know about yourself you can learn from a tree! – You see my father, a great mystical scholar, once said in a lecture – “a tree, yearly grows another ring” – well you knew that, didn’t you… – but bet you didn’t know this… “if for whatever reason you just cut off its last ring, it begins to die…” – You see, we too internally – in the place that is pure and white as snow – that we are – perhaps, alone – aware of, there we must always be expanding – growing – deeper insights, sensitivity, strength, courage, intention, expansion etc. – and yet for this growth to occur, we must have well-watered roots – in the invisible space… – we place large tentacles of life-sucking water reservoirs – for in our connection to the invisible God – in out experienced faith… – in our optimism – in our sense of awe, there the water that nourishes our ability to have the confidence to grow and not shrink, expand and not shirk, is taken – but ultimately our greatest pleasure – the pleasure the tree provides, is we allow others to sit in our shade – we welcome our friends to our space – our children, our loved ones to be part of this firmly rooted deeply expanding self – and then, if we are so lucky that we can actually give of our fruit – Tis not easy to produce… – once a year, we have unique pear or apple or fig etc. that blossoms – to give of our hard-earned knowledge, time or money is of-course the most Delicious!

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