The balancing act

In life as Kabbalah teaches us – and this is so critical because we in the west get addicted to some kind of idea (hard-work or four-hour work… – no taxes or too much taxes etc.) its all  about having – and more importantly knowing how to have – balance.

The very first thing we need to balance is our pride and shame – too much pride… we are a megalomaniac (or narcissist,) we think we are the very purpose of existence (and can’t handle when things don’t go our way…) too much shame, we are not confident, and don’t stand up to evil, or what is even minor abuses.

Now ALL BALANCE IS THE MIXING of two opposite emotions (just like hot and cold make warm) So we must lower our pride through shame – remind yourself of every stupid, evil and nonsensical thing you have done – and when you feel you are too filled with shame, give yourself pride, remind yourself of every compliment you ever got.