Jewish replacement theology – : )

O.k. if you understand that term, you get the pun.

But the point of what I would like to say is that there is such an idea of upgrades…

Even though the essence of Judaism always is “Because God said so…” – Naaseh Vinishma – we do what is right, because obviously if God says so, it is, – nonetheless in terms of why God says – why He made – the universe, our understanding increases.

As such, a person who remains with say a calculator, refusing to take a computer, is well foolish.

So in Judaism we need to see the five Theological upgrades:

# 1 We of-course have Abraham who discovers that the multiple parts of reality have a single Creator – the Creator reveals Himself to Him… – He is called the first and Head of believers, demonstrating his unconditional adherence to the Creator’s guidelines.

# 2 Along comes Moses who hands us from the Creator a highly sophisticated manual for life (of-course some Jews don’t like restrictions, so they create “counter ethical arguments” – ALL of these movements usually fade (as we see with the Pew poll of Conservative and Reform…) within app. a hundred, to 2/3 hundred years.)

# 3 Here we get into the greatest Jewish philosophers such as the Ramban, who begin to explain why we exist – ah… – some deep stuff : )

Well according to Rabbi Sadiah Goan (I believe,) the Ramban, we exist to improve our character!

(So now all of the Torah makes sense, as it all is character development, refinement – and there are complete books, such as Sefer-Hachinuch, that explain the logic behind all the laws etc.)

#4 We arrive at the wisdom of the Baal Shem Tov – who of-course (being an incarnation of Reb Sadiah Goan) quotes this idea, but certainly places the majority emphasis on unconditional-love – our love for our fellow Jew he says should be so great, that you are ready to sacrifice your life for a Jew you never met! – From his way of life, the Chassidic movement, numbering in the many millions, with great Masters, who displayed this extraordinary love, ensues.

#5 The deepest most profound theology (which really this tiny paper does literally zero justice to – thousands of books on it can be written, but having no choice…) comes from the Lubavitcher Rebbe (who of-course being the Seventh Generation Chabad leader from the Alter Rebbe is firstly based on the Alter Rebbe, which of-course Himself is the explanation of the Baal Shem Tov and the previous Kabbalistic masters, such as the Shalah, and the Maharal.)

This wisdom – of course maintaining all of the above – enters into the very nature of God – it seeks to explain why God desires – that’s an important word, for no-one does anything unless they want to (certainly God has no compelling (fear based) reason.. ) So God chose to want to create! – There must be something in this world that gives Him joy (as we know, joy / pleasure is the reason for all thought, speech and action (unless they are the opposite of pleasure… namely pain prevention…)

So in summary God Loves You!

As He loves you, He wishes to bestow every possible blessing!

As such – as the greatest blessing is the coming of Moshiach, when we each – due to the countless Mitzvos that imbued God into our dimension – we receive both a personal infinite (those are two VERY BIG WORDS) connection with God, that allows us each to individually personally continuously ascend – and we all live – quite literally – happily ever after.

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