in a very real sense the real reason we had a need to discover facts…. is because we have a need to feel safe, and we thought if we had the information… however now that we have discovered, absolutely, that we do not know… and everything is as Judaism said long ago, continuous miracles – but with absolutely no guarantee that anything will definitely occur the same way in the future as it did in the past – it takes us to a higher level! just as there is a rabbi, Fishel Jacobs, who is a Black Belt expert, and literally as in the Karate Kid, when he was being trained to fight blindfold -, they blindfolded him and they would whack him with a bamboo stick, and they said, “your ability to use your physical senses such as sight and sound, will not work…” and eventually he learned to develop an extraterrestrial sense – in the same way, it is our super-spiritual-sensitivity, attuned to Divinity, human emotions, our own emotions, our own sense of meaning, and truth – that becomes the force that guides us

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