Understanding How You and G-d Relate

One of the greatest innovations – of all time – was Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov’s teaching, that everything that occurs – everything we see and hear, and occasionally “random” thoughts we hear, are actually messages.

This idea revolutionized an already G-d struck Jewish people!

Do you mean to say, that the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth is trying to teach me… – All The Time?!!

The answer of-course begins by understanding a bit about the difference between the Creator and the creations’ abilities.

No matter how smart, talented or experienced we have become, we would all agree, relative to a computer, many are the tasks we cannot perform – certainly as quickly and certainly not simultaneous to many others! –

But to an unlimited Being (imagine an unlimited computer) there is not a single task, that He cannot perform, and simultaneously!

I recall sitting on a plane in the very early days of AI and a programmer was very proud to tell me that he programmed the software (…don’t know if you remember this – we used to dial 411 to get a number) so he programed the software – so even when you dialed in, it could still update – this was a major breakthrough.

So not only can G-d give you constant advice, He can simultaneously contain all of the past, present, and future!

This is in fact the entire purpose of creation.

So like a loving parent – G-d will help you.

Guide you!

Very often, we find in the Torah the idea that G-d says, He would like to be a personal G-d.

We often speak about G-d’s name.

“When Moshiach comes, G-d and His name will be one.”

What is His name?

His name refers to the Shechina – the feminine descent to the individual (much like a father may have grand idea, but a mother is busy implementing them in actuality – or like the father’s seed is in potentia, and the mother’s actualizes.)

The connection of the Shechina to her people –
G-d to you, is the goal!

A five step process:

Step # 1

(BTW if you “randomly” get thoughts which are not your own (meaning they do not come from a logical place in you, but give you advice – for example,  I have a cousin who is a bit spiritual, and he once heard a voice tell him, “Go to the Ohel” (Graveside of the Previous Rebbe/Rebbe.) So why listen to a voice… – but it came a few times….  so off he went… where he happened to meet someone whom he was looking to meet for app 6 months!! –

There are countless stories like this;) so if you hear this voice (not voices…) Then That Is The Shechina – When you listen, the result will become Clear – You don’t understand, until you DO.)

So Step # 1. Whenever something comes your way – even if you are watching a video or reading a news article (bad idea… but just in case…) ask yourself, what lesson in life (in how to be) can I deduce!?

As you begin to do this, you will become more proficient.

Step # 2

Another way of getting to relate to God, really is an amazing and simple technique which I learned in 365 Meditations (From The Rebbe,) in which the Rebbe advises: If you don’t know what to do, ask G-d, and the first thought is G-d’s reply – again this is so “out there…” that until you try and listen, and SEE the result, you will not believe – but once you do, you will never “Leave.”

Step # 3

Don’t now think, that you are some kind of Tzaddik (“Holy roller…”) G-d loves us all!! –

In fact, the reason this wisdom is now being revealed, is, having traversed thousands of years of Jews performing Mitzvos, and literally sacrificing their lives for G-d, He now is fulfilling the ultimate Messianic intent. –

Realize that 64% of the world believe they have a personal relationship with G-d. –

He is great enough to simultaneously (like a super-computer) be each and every one of our Parents.

Step # 4

Understand that just as life (consciousness) is eternal, so too is growth – you can never get comfortable – growth always means shifting – abandoning the past for the future, in the present.

– You need to sort of learn how to accept infinite positive shifts, like a surfer!

Step # 5

Just like a surfer looks forward, for he understands that every wave is an opportunity – the lulls/lows are only to allow in, a new better surf –

We never think ,“I failed.” (For in an Infinite Growth World, the lows, and the fails, were part of the lessons.)