O.k. it aint’ fun to have to write this, but have to write it must I – we allowed for (many of them unfortunately Jews) to infiltrate the minds (for when it comes to intelligence – the thought “leaders” either allow bad or promote good) ideas, of the “utopia of communism” which ended up murdering (not only my great-grandparents) a staggering 148 million!! – to put that into workable numbers, thats practically X3 of how many the mass murders Hitler killed – you see, whenever there is an ideology that has three beliefs: a. it is right, b. others are wrong, c. the means to take power to influence their ideology justifies the end… – usually this is exactly what will happen! – all experts from communist Russia in America say that this is what is happening – AND THE ONLY THING THAT WILL WORK IS TO LAUNCH AS AMERICA SUCCESSFULLY DID, A COUNTER-OFFENSIVE

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