The ten steps to happiness – step one – happiness is a destination – we reach it when we do good (yes it is that simple)

Audio https://soundcloud.com/kabbalahwisdom/the-10-steps-to-happiness

Step 2 don’t be sad

To not be sad number 1 – you need to not hate (realize that all the bad that occurred to you, was so you could be able to discern – in this way, like when you were a child and you fell, it taught you how to walk – you went from needing to crawl to being able to walk and run!)

Step 3 get rid of the media – it is a toxic (as studies show) anxiety producing sophisticated fabrication

Step 3 eat, sleep, drink, exercise – well (healthy body matters)

Steep 4 don’t take criticism personal (people only criticize when they are jealous of your happiness)

Step 5 Believe in the coming of Moshiach – when you have hope, you will be happy

Step 6 Make sure that you love people – imagine that we all have bodies and souls, but all of our souls are part of the same ( 1 God in many bodies)

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