Parshas Va-aira Baal Shem Tov

  1. The name E-l, the Alef (first letter) stands for the Creator, and Lamed (the final letter) stands for that He has three “emotions “ (the emotion of kindness(love) – the emotion of strength (discipline) – and the emotion of compassion(discernment))
  2. God is His name and His name is God, unlike people that they and their name are two separate entities.
  3. The Verse Teaches us “Know God” – but how can anyone know anything of God? teaches the Baal Shem Tov, this means, to both know that the generality of everything and every specific detail (that occurs to you or anyone) it all comes from God!

6. The plague to Pharaoh who represents forgetting, came out as blood, but to the Jewish people came out as water (infinity, which is total recall.)

7. There is a great principle that from the plagues to the Egyptians came blessings to the Jews (so the same issue that caused blood to the Egyptians, to the Jews caused water.)   

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