there are five continuous expansion / contraction – there is the expansion of Divine energy which then gets contracted (in the contracted state, matter is born) this is an infinite pulse – There is the expansion of Human Divinity (namely the goodness, kindness, Torah and Mitzvos we do) which feeds the above system (so originally the system was created as gift – now it depends on our input! – obviously we too are always expanding – doing some spiritual or compassionate thing, and regressing back to the physical.) There is the infinite (beyond any possible understanding) sequence, that each episode in life actually expands our Divine awareness (this too goes into higher awareness then back to the “norm/al”, in continuous cycles) obviously on a physical level, your heart and lungs are continually, expanding and contracting, and there are literally millions of others (from the pulsation of stars, to the carbon dioxide / oxygen, cycles of birth death etc.

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