how life really works – O.k. in the beginning this was the plan (and boy does the plan govern EVERYTHING) People – they are emotional and intelligent (when they are not too emotional…) Beings – would be created into a “pre-existing” universe – this world would seem so real (like a player in a video game) that they could scarcely imagine that it wasn’t – Then as their ancestors would have been so sick and tired of being abused by monarchs, they will have been granted freedom of thought, speach and action – Of-course they have a Godly soul (altruistic, compassionate) and an animal soul (selfish, egotistical and impulsive) after they have their share of impulses (mainly sex and recognition) they will seek a deeper reason for their drudgery – and then I will drip infinite/ly drops of insight – and like a little fish always gasping for another rain drop (even though it swims in an ocean!) they will constanly be inspired and inspire! – yep, that’s the story

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