The ten necessities for happiness

Its probably man’s greatest goal

but seems so elusive

to be perfectly honest, a number of years ago, a successful person asked me (he had some agenda..) what was the happiest day in your life?

thinking about it, I said, “well the past few years”, and even though that was a few years ago, I can honestly say, since then, I have pretty much constantly been happy – how?

well I am really fortune to have met the secret

its all in the Divine wisdom called Chassidus

So I will be writing these ideas in my own words – but its all really from God.

The first thing is the word for happiness in Hebrew is actually the same word (or letters rearranged) for thinking.

a person who is reacting to life cannot be happy

so in order to be happy you must be a thinker

which in simple words, you must ask yourself why

Why do I exist?

Until you understand why you – in fact the world exists, you cannot be happy.

O.k. I’ll tell you – the world exists because in the beginning, before time, space, soul or anything, loves a lover – in His great love (of-course love is respect for another) He foresaw us (which is by the way, how quantum physics, sort of understands how reality occurred) and from His love, this created a desire – now as we know desire creates (in us) thoughts on how to fulfill the desire – so He created a world – giving us both a Divine altruistic soul, and an animal selfish and a demon (Yetzer Hara) arrogant (hence prone to bouts of anger and maliciousness) soul – and he gave us the Holy Torah (which teaches the difference between good and evil) as well as the Holy-Tzaddikim whose miraculous nature prove a higher existence – hence we now have (until Moshiach comes, or we get to heaven – the alternative reality) Freedom to choose between love, selfishness or hate.

2. Of-course its important to realize that though we have free choice – in actual fact (as physics prove) we are actually in a simulated reality – hence everything that occurs to us actually is guiding our choice – in simple words, because God is infinite, whenever you learn a lesson, something new occurs to teach you a deeper lesson in life.

3. As when our ego/arrogance dominates, we lose our tolerance (for ego is about getting our way and tolerance is about not) therefore, the only way we can rise above selfishness, is to literally see ourselves as God’s soldiers – it doesn’t matter what happens to me, only if I fulfill my mission.

4 On that note, a great way to see what the mission is – apart from helping those you see – is to quite literally, ask God what to do, and the first thought that comes to your mind subsequently is His advice (try it…)

5. Well of course, if thinking causes joy – if you feel negatively it causes misery – if you wish to feel bad, all you need to do is consume the media.

6. Talking about the media, we now have a plague called pornography, which people don’t realize how bad it is, because as soon as you put a desire in your heart (soul – remember # 1) you feel unsatisfied.

7 Talking about satisfied, studies show that happiest people are married people – yes, a life of love, give and take – shared etc. creates oy

8. It goes without saying that having, raising, guiding kids is the greatest Nachas (satisfaction – and ensures your posterity)

9. It goes without saying, the more you give the happier you become

10. And dont get into fights

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