My Ten Greatest Gifts To YOU

So I thought

I know

It’s what I do

What would my ten greatest gifts to You be

  1. The first (and of course this is information that have personally benefited) Whenever you want to know what to do, ask God and the first thought (subsequent to your question) is His reply – dont believe – TRY
  2. The most important thing of course is to have a functioning mind – just as say the body (don’t know exactly if this is this is true…) can only function in a specific PH range (too much acid or too bland…) the brain functions when there isn’t too much anxiety, nor too much desire (both are powerful forces that take over the mind)

    The trick is to a. eliminate all desires but to Serve G-d – b. believe that the world is and will be awesome – especially as Moshiach is about to come c. at the same time, realize that if you don’t fix the world – this is true – it will go to hell (this way you are both positive as well as motivated).

    3. Read Kabbalah-Love

    4. Read Kabbalah On Money

    5. Believe in Moshaich

    6. Get / Stay Married
    (Why are so many marriages failing…? 1. People realize that they have to work at a job – but (especially men) don’t realize, relationships which are the greatest gift, take the greatest amount of effort – 2. To be fair, most marriages fail because people don’t know the ultimate life hack – “You need to learn how to give and take! meeting each other half way!… – in other words, when there is any issue that infringes upon the other – dont expect to finagle (connive) your way – all you need to do is negotiate – settle for 50%.”)
    7. Have KIDS


(Obviously health is paramount – and 90% of all diseases are preventable through healthy eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercise

8-1 We will go through your diet

(Generally based on the most advanced studies the focus is fruits and vegetables – olive oil – minimal animal food – 400 calories breakfast – no processed sugar or foods – if yes, ensure the correct ratio of fiber ¼ with Carbs (sugar…) as well as ¼ Omega 3 to Omega 6 fat)

8-2 Drinking – ensure 8 cups of liquid every day (this flushes the kidneys which is the precursor – based on experts – to heart failure – not to mention, keeps us mentally sharp)

8-3 Ensure 8 hours every night (work on getting it)

8-4 At least 15 Minutes heavy exercise three times a week or ½ hour daily walk

9. Help – when you see a problem try to fix – that’s Why You Were Created!

10. This is really hard (probably mainly for men) “Get rid of all media!!” That’s right, no news! no TV! no stupid movies! (AND CERTAINLY, NO PORN!) you see, in the former instance, as studies show, it will mess up your life (YES, MESS UP YOUR LIFE! – As Yossi Mylnsky (the life-hack guru ) says, “people are really nice – don’t believe it… you can right now go on AirBnB and millions of people will let you stay in their home (o.k. little fee, but lots of trust… ) millions allow you to ride in their car (little fee, but lots of trust!!”)… Then you don’t fear = You feel safe = You feel loving = You feel great!!
(and about pornography, it turns you into a despicable, debased, perverted pervert

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