The Top Ten Self-Hack List

O.K. I’ve never done this before – Please join me on the most important collaborative document!

My friend Yossi Mylnksy and I were chatting early this morning – and he told me something that I sort of thought… “Wow that’s a genius self hack!” (it was – I got this problem… – can you identify… – he woke up real early and one side of him said to get out of bed…and another said, to stay PUT! “I can always get an hour sleep later in the day…” said his mind to his body, and presto like a lighting bolt, like speedy Gonzales ( : ) he managed to Self-Hack himself OUT OF BED in The Early A.M.!!!!

Lets self-hack together – this is the greatest hackathon for its the most important hack!

O.k I am going to give you my top ten – when you have your top ten please submit and let’s really help each other self-hack!

  1. The #1 Self-Hack is when you wake up – as the first thought of the day becomes your train of thought – “Thank G-d for at least ten of your favorite blessings!”

2. Self Hack #2, your brain is like a muscle – ever learned to ride a bike (that was those things on two wheels before cell phones : ) well it takes a while, but once you know how, your muscles remembers – forever – “So when you see yourself thinking negatively, think positive (as the Holy Baal Shem Tov teaches, “Find the good in the bad to transform bad to good”) you will notice after a while, your brain thinks reactively positive!” (Imagine!!!)

3.Self Hack # 3 when you get upset at someone remember a. everyone’s just like you, when they are feeling miserable, they become subconsciously jealous; then their brain tells them to focus on what’s wrong (this is a mechanism whereby it allows a person to be critical – I know, I can tell from my own brain…) so b. “Feel sorry that someone else is feeling miserable” (it may be better to do this at night, when you are not in the situation – and by the way, if you call them and say, “by the way I can see that you are feeling really miserable, do you want to tell me…?” – You see, most people feel no one cares : ( – You turn bullies into buddies! – your best friends!)

4 O.K. life hack number 4. this is really hard (probably mainly for men) “Get rid of all media!!” That’s right, no news! no TV! no stupid movies! (AND CERTAINLY, NO PORN!) you see, in the former instance, as studies show, it will mess up your life (YES, MESS UP YOUR LIFE! – As Yossi Mylnsky (Remember that life-hack guru ) says, “people are really nice – don’t believe it… you can right now go on AirBnB and millions of people will let you stay in their home (o.k. little fee, but lots of trust… ) millions allow you to ride in their car (little fee, but lots of trust!!”)… Then you don’t fear = You feel safe = You feel loving = You feel great!! (and about pornography, it turns you into a despicable, debased, perverted pervert – which brings us to life hack number 5

5. As all studies show, if you wish to live happier and longer, GET MARRIED! – there is no better life hack! which leads us to number 6

6. Why are so many marriages failing…? 1. People realize that they have to work at a job – but (especially men) don’t realize, relationships which are the greatest gain take the greatest amount of effort – 2. To be fair, most marriages fail because people don’t know the ultimate life hack – “You need to learn how to give and take! meeting each other half way!… – in other words, when there is any issue that infringes upon the other – dont expect to finagle (connive) your way – all you need to do is negotiate – settle for 50%.”

7. And this brings us to life hack # 7 – I have yet to meet anyone who thought they had too many kids, and I have met lots of people who felt they didn’t have enough – HAVE KIDS!

8. Which leads us to life hack # 8, kids need only three things 1. safety (they get this from parents who are emotionally in control / calm / normal – able to express themselves in healthy ways) 2. They need to know that you unconditionally love them (that doesn’t mean saying or doing anything, but – just as you can tell if someone would give their life for you or not… Love = Caring – it is an invisible palpable force) and # 3 role models of self-discipline, who are willing to set realistic goals and boundaries (yes, saying no, is not evil, it is setting boundaries so your child can feel there is right and wrong, good and bad, safe and unsafe, and when they do what’s right, they are more likely to succeed.)

9. Which leads us to life hack #9 as I write in Kabbalah On Money – “You want money…. Be Happy!” – the law of attraction or reaction – Smile below, God smiles above! – Act happy, You so become! – Heaven will be, and then earth : )!

10. And in conclusion, to be happy you must have hope – Believe that very soon the long awaited prophecy of the return of the Jewish people to Israel – already occurring – the miraculous rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdosh, Holy-Temple, and through a descendant of King David, like the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Peace forevermore shall be! – war shall be not – hunger not! illness not! – Just Love And Eternal Growth!

Now send me your top ten – Lets Grow Eternally!!