Lessons From God’s Bible – Torah Teachings

The holy Zohar teaches us, the Bible is not a collection of stories, it’s a collection of lessons.

Please join me on a journey, in which we shall discover, how the Divine truth, relates to your life!

The very first verse of the Torah/Bible is “In The Beginning God Created Heaven And Earth.”


Why would the Torah need to start?

The answer is, that if you wish to know anything you must understand what is.

The Modern Bible 

1- Breishis Noah


1. The first verse of the Bible teaches us many things:

1. It teaches us that before there was everything, there was nothing.

2. As such, it must be that our universe serves a higher purpose.

3. This is hinted to in the first word of the Torah “Bi’reishis” – in Hebrew that can be divided to, “two prime causes.”

A. For the sake of the Jewish people

B. For the sake of Judaism

The sages query, is Judaism for the Jews, or are the Jews for Judaism?

They reply, that it is obvious that the Torah was written for the Jews (of-course, as you may know, Judaism encompasses the Seven Noahide Laws, which are for all Humanity.)


So if we had to say this in other words… the universe is a place in which the Divine will – which is to bestow blessings – and when we wish to bestow, if we are truly Noble, we seek for the other to earn; for that which is just given, is somewhat bland,    and therefore, God created a universe, in which there are instinctual pleasures and fears, versus the Divine guidance; and when we choose to obey instead of ignore, then we earn.


2. The world begins in darkness / confusion, which is how any thinking person sees the chaos, and then there is, if you seek… an infinite light.

Now Infinity, is not Limited, and therefore, unlike us that seek our existence, Infinity only does what’s right – In other words, Infinity chooses to bestow, but of-course, will not impose; and therefore to have a relationship with infinity / God, it must come from our deepest, most greatest, desire.


3. After God made man, he blessed them and he said, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the world;” We must understand two things: first of all God’s blessing to man is the greatest gift, namely the ability to have man! There is no greater blessing, no greater achievement than to be able to have a child, and you propagate the Earth. Without Humanity, there is nothing, and secondly, when God blesses us, as the sages say, with every child comes the wherewithal.


4. The Torah further clearly says, that God says to man, “Rule the Earth – the food on the earth is for you.”

This is very important to understand, because at the very key of a human being, is the way that they value themselves; So much of the stupid, hedonistic, materialistic, secular culture, focuses so much on dumb disproven theories, such as evolution – really at the key, what they do, is say to the person “you are just another walking animal.” So is it any wonder that a generation brought up under such low self-esteem, should find their lives meaningless, and even worse, valueless!

The Great Master, the Lubavitcher Rebbe said, that he once told his Torah teacher, that he had an argument with someone who believes in evolution, and his teacher said, “Mendel, leave him alone; if his desire is that his lineage, should be from an ape, Let it be.”


  • The story of the creation of man and woman is very very important, for number one, man has to realize that without a woman he is incomplete; but number two, man has to see the woman as being his other half, for then his love for her, will be as he loves himself.


  • The story of the snake is the story of Our Lives, because God comes with very simple, very clear instructions, and the snake through great conniving, begins to make you doubt the instructions; He begins to make you think that God is there only as a narcissist; which obviously makes no sense, because He is Your Father and Mother, Your Creator, Your Lover, Your Brother, Your Sister, Your Best Friend! who only seeks what’s good for you; And by understanding, that his wisdom is advice FOR you! not against you – You will Embrace God, and ignore the snake in your head.


  • The story of man and woman, realizing that they’re naked, is very very profound; for Kabbalistickally what occurred, and what the tree of knowledge means – exactly as it says, is the knowledge of evil. – Now knowledge in Hebrew dennotes “an association with;” which is why when it speaks about man loving his wife, it says he “knows her.” – When you know someone, you love them; and because Adam peered into the Demonic dungeon, filled with the delusional arrogance – much as we do when we look at people, perhaps that have power and fame – certainly a narcissistic bully, and we become attracted to that “Grandeur”; And once there is an attraction, our entire psyche, which really is attraction based – if you think about it… everything you do, is based on various attractions or fears – becomes quite sick.   This is why when Adam developed this, shall we say subconscious narcissism, he became ashamed; for as opposed to previously, when engaged in intimacy, it was like two doves – it now had a tinge of sadism.


  • It’s actually quite funny that Adam hid from God, when he heard God coming; Yet we are exactly the same, because based on science and common-sense, we are no different to any character in a computer game, which means, that we are always simply in God’s consciousness.


  • The conversation that God has with man, which is the first recorded conversation, is very very descriptive, (as anyone who has the gift of the still small voice of God knows;) For God totally descends into the human Realm – by first allowing Adam to Simply hear his presence; so he doesn’t get startled, and then asking him “Where are you?” As if he doesn’t know; Then asking him, “Did you eat of the fruit?” In other words, God, when he communicates with man – like a loving parent – descends completely into our humble simple psyche.


  1. It’s also very descriptive to see what man does when accused of a crime, for he immediately blames, as the woman does, as well;  the obvious lesson is; Don’t bother accusing people.


11. It’s also very important to understand that God punishes the snake; Now the reason this is important, is because God holds us accountable.


  1. The irony is of-course, that this entire story, the fall and sin, as Kabbalah teaches, was already predicted, and orchestrated; for ultimately, the punishment of man, that it will be difficult to make a living, and the punishment of woman, that it will be difficult to have love, to give birth, to raise children, is a blessing; because only that which we earn, do we truly feel grateful for.


  1. It’s also instructive that God causes man to die, because “he knows evil;” And what this really means, is, that in essence, the realm of life, is the realm of holiness and joy; But in the realm of narcissism, which is the realm of misery, for the narcissist expects to get his way, and becomes angry when he doesn’t – Such stupidity!…. as all tyrants, Empires, have fallen, will cause any, certainly lesser powerful bully, to one day, as well.


  1. In the story of the jealousy of Kayin and Hevel, we have a very important story, for this is the beginning of human relations in the world, and it begins rather ignobly and predictably, that those who are selfish, who don’t have a wider View, become jealous of those who are gifted; quite simply, with insight and humility; This is the real reason why there is sadism; For example, Arabs hating Jews, in fact, anyone who hates Jews, who ostensibly are the greatest nicest people; certainly by counting how much charity is given; because those whose myopic visions cause narcissistic selfishness, ultimately are miserable, and are jealous of those who have love in their hearts; And of-course, as the story continues, we see the tremendous tyranny, maliciousness, which jealousy causes; Certainly it’s no coincidence, that the only emotion God, forbids, in the Ten Commandments, is the emotion of jealousy; And as the story progresses, God clearly tells Kayin, which applies to each of us – for we all often get jealous, how to overcome jealousy; Namely, he must accept, HE is the problem – For when we are jealous we always subconsciously produce (and as all people, have some evil in them, hence we magnify their evil, and we cause in our minds their “evil” as our justification to be malicious.) As ludicrous as the Nazi “super race,” hence being allowed to kill others! And so we must understand, that in God’s world, those that are humble, automatically will feel good; And if we are not humble, and we wish to feel good, all we need to do, is look at our own evil, and in this way, become humble and happy.


15. One of the most instructive verses of the Bible is what God tells to Kayin as Kayin’s face fell, from his being slighted, by God not accepting his sacrifice. – So to quote, God says, “Why are you angry? and why has your face Fallen? If you repent, you will be accepted; and if you do not; Sin lurks at your door, and it desires to enter; But you can always overpower it.”

You see, anger actually is a false demon; for no-one in the world was ever born angry; Hence anger is not Who We Are; But when we are angry, that demon lurks, awaiting to inhabit – to temporarily annihilate us; But if a person, as we mentioned, in the last paragraph, repents, through realizing that the fault was in ME, not in the “other,” then we overcome anger, and we return to our pristine soul.


  1. In case we think the jealousy is no big deal… jealousy leads to the murder; jealousy is the reason that there is murder in this world; jealousy is the reason that there is rape; jealousy is the reason that there is abuse; jealousy is the reason behind all the anti-movements, be it anti-white, anti-jewish; and a second lesson that we can take, is, that when God talks to us, and we don’t take it serious, there’s nothing more serious! – For God To Come, it’s only critical.


  1. To continue on the theme of arrogance vs. Humility, we see the tremendous arrogance… that God is speaking to Kayin, and imagine God comes to you and he says, “Where is your brother?” and he says, “I don’t know, am I the Watchman of my brother?”!


  1. The next verse is very profound, for God says “What have you done? The blood of your brother cries to me from the ground.” Now we must understand, that as God says elsewhere, “Be compassionate, for I am compassionate;” In other words, ‘when Compassionate, humble people cry to me for justice, I feel the need to create it.’


  1. True to Human Nature, Kayin upon hearing of his punishment, suddenly reverses the previous words of God, and says, “My sin is too great to carry;” However when God had told him previously to repent, he didn’t realize; As we mentioned before – that when God talks, THAT is the time to listen.


  • Isn’t it interesting…, how suddenly Kayin is worried about people coming and killing him… for such Is the nature of hate; that we lose the sensitivity of hurting or murdering another.


21. The story of God regretting creation, ultimately boils down to the same story that happened with Kayin and Hevel; because when things are good – and as we see – A spirit of narcissistic unbridled licentiousness, instead of sensitivity and compassion both towards fellow man and woman had inhabited Humanity – God said, “I Will Wait a hundred and twenty years to see if people will transform, repent, change; but such evil cannot be allowed to indefinitely perpetuate.


  • In the motive of God to destroy the world, which is again mentioned in the beginning of Parshas Noach, it’s clearly, that God sought to establish a world of sensitivity – and a world of violence, narcissism, evil; has no place in his heart.


  • God tells Noah to go into the ark and He literally floods and murders the entire life; from Man, Woman, Child, bugs, bees, birds; and then He has Noah leave the ark, and the first thing God does; is it seems – He sort of regrets the destruction; and ironically, using the very same reasoning that led to the destruction; leads to a promise to never destroy; For ultimately, Reason is actually just a reason for a Reason. In other words, when God’s emotion was disgust and regret over creation; therefore, the fact that men were thinking evil all the time, served as the reason to destroy them; but when God’s emotion was regret and compassion over the destruction, then His decision was to never destroy.


  • Effectively God reiterates, what he told Adam, but much stronger; In other words, He blesses man to propagate and control Earth; In fact, all of Earth was created for man, however man is instructed to be compassionate to animals; This is one of the seven noahide laws – “Do not eat an animal while it is living,” which would include the sadistic practice of boiling lobsters alive; And finally, God States clearly, that by killing a man, one is in fact attacking God; and therefore God will ensure that the murderer will meet a Bitter End.


  • God then sort of sets up a reminder for Himself; that whenever the rainbow is seen, this is an indication that he shouldn’t destroy Mankind.        And of-course a very pragmatic lesson from this is, that unless we set up reminders for ourselves, we forget.


26. We find now an exceptionally bizarre story, that Humanity gathers together to build a city, and ironically God condemns this very act of total Unity.  So this is bizarre, for previously God destroyed the world that is violent, and now He separates the world by confusing their languages?!? because they are too Unified!; Ultimately, violence and a notion that “we all must be the same” are both the same thing!   They both come from the ego, for the mind can comprehend that it is okay for someone to be different, and at the same time we can not only be friends, but our differences, create unique qualities, which leads to the grandest of Notions, summed up in the American motto, “E-Pluribus-Unum” that the diversity of our nation, “One Nation, United Under God, with Law, Justice and Liberty” is the greatest whole.

The Modern Bible 2


1. In the story of Lech Licha, of God commanding Abraham to leave his birthplace, to go to the land that I will show you… is the story of the first Communication we find with God to a spiritual Seeker.

From the perspective of the Bible, the first person who truly seeks a spiritual solution to life is Abraham; And the instruction that God tells him is relevant to any person who seeks meaning – above, a simply, selfish, or narcissistic, or sexually Driven Life.

The essence of God’s message to him, is: that if you seek the truth, meaning, purpose – the first thing you need to do, is abandon that which attracts you.  And there are three Mega-traps: the first is the culture of your land; because we are all so very vulnerable to imitate; as all of the world, both previously and currently do – the stupidities, most often narcissistic, sometimes nationalistic insanities, that was the root of cultures, often engaging in jihad, “holy wars,” rendering otherwise rational people into not only their own death, but even worse, murder! – and as we see with radical Islam, rape and torture : (  And so to begin with, we must realize, that our society, no matter what religious, nationalistic, is, as Freud amply demonstrated, that masses of people behave in infantile non-thinking mechanisms. So once we abandon the “wisdom” of our society, we are ready for stage 2. which is to abandon our own innate instinctual drives; For every person is born with tendencies; Some – as the Bible of Jewish mysticism, the Tanya explains, based on earth, air, fire, water – have a tendency to laziness and depression; others have a tendency to fun and frivolous Behavior; others have a tendency towards anger and ego; while others have a tendency towards addictions, based on Pleasure; And we all have some of all four elements, and unless we can abandon our addiction, for we are all a primary addict to one of these tendencies… this will chain us into a bond, that will annihilate our potential.

The Third and greatest stupidity is the idea that the model that our father or household leader, who was of-course just a human being like any other; subjected to his own Role-Models, his own biases, and even if they are truly a wonderful person, but to somehow imagine that their wisdom is the “best?!” – as we have this predilection to do, is of-course, trapping ourselves into their own highly limited subjective and unfortunately, often even evil ideas.


  • As we abandon our comfort zone; for the Mind seeks clarity… we make space in ourselves – for the only truth of spirituality, which is, We Are On A Mission, To Continuously Listen To The Direction That God Will Lead Us Towards.


  • And then God says an amazing thing: that, if you truly will listen to me – and we now have hindsight of four thousand years, to prove God’s words;  God says to Abraham “I will make you into a great nation, I will bless you, and make your name blessed.” In other words, by forging forth, with faith and courage; not only will we be not lost to society, we will become the blessing of society.


  • And of course Abraham being wise, obeys.


  • It’s interesting to note, that Abraham was 75 years old when he left his hometown, because this teaches us, that at all times, no matter what our age, the obligation and the opportunity and the wisdom to listen to God, is there!


  • It’s very instructive that Abraham does not sit back when his nephew Lot is captured, for a spiritual person should not be oblivious to the pain and suffering; and should set aside all his spiritual endeavors to First and Foremost, help his fellow man.


  • We have an instructive story in which God tells Abraham to go out and count the Stars and he tells him, that this is the amount of children you will have, and he believes in God.  This was considered a positive; In other words; God Understands how difficult it is for us to suspend our psychological fears and lusts, which create beliefs and paradigms, and actually trust in Him…


  • Now some – certainly the Arabs will not like this at all, but the Bible said this 4,000 years ago – truth is truth, and without truth we’re all dead…  The story is, that Sarah gave her maid Hagar to Abraham, hoping to build a lineage through this child, and an angel of God comes to Hagar and tells her to submit to Sarah, and that she will have a child, and a vast multitude will come from this child, and he will be a wild person- “he will be a thief, and all will likewise try to steal his goods; and eventually his callousness will cause his demise.”


9. The next story is the story that God Appears to Abraham – and is very instructive, because Abraham makes a fundamental error, for God says to him, “I am God, follow me and be simple.” In other words, “being simple” means, that we have no questions – and then God says, that “I will create a bond (or) a covenant between me and you, and I will make you very very multiplied;” and Abraham falls on his face in gratitude; then God says to him, “My Covenant with you, is you will be the father of many nations… I will make you very much propigated, and make you into Nations, and Kings will come from you, and I will keep my promise, between me and you, between your children following you, and their Generations forever, to be for you a God and for your children afterwards, and I will give to you and to your children following you, the land where you dwell; the entire land, of Canaan, as an eternal Homeland, and I will be for them a God;” (By the way, when it says, “I’ll be a God,” it means a personal guide). Then God says to Abraham, “Keep my bond or Covenant, you and your children following you for generations, and this bond is that every male should be circumcised at 8 days old; all your males, whether your children or your servants, and so my bond is in your flesh forever.”

To digress, why did God choose circumcision as the bond? And the answer is, that as we mentioned before, to be bonded to God, one must lesson their instinctual, certainly sexual, narcissistic desires.

Then God said to Abraham, “Your wife Sarai should not be called Sarai, because her name is Sarah; I have blessed her, and also giving her a son; and I will bless her, and he will be many Nations; Kings of Nations from her will come .” And Abraham then laughs and he says in his heart, ‘Is it possible that a hundred year old man, and Sarai, a 90 year old woman will give birth?’ So he says to God “Just let my son Yishmoel, live before you.”

This was a critical mistake, because the words of a prophet come true, and therefore by saying these words it was predicted – which occurred in our time, that the Arabs would gain Global dominance – so the lesson of-course, That when God speaks, Accept His Words As Truth, For There Is No Power That Can Stop His Words.

The Modern Bible 3 – Vayeira


  1. One of the fascinating lessons our sages derive from the behavior of Abraham… – Imagine God came to you, and suddenly you see other people – (and as the Messiah gets ever more present… so the still small voice of God becomes more frequent, hence this can become a normal occurrence) and we find,  Abraham, who of-course as our sages say,  “the behavior of our forefathers is the Ultimate model,” so to say, abandons God, and runs to greet his guests… For The Ultimate Desire Of God, Is Human Compassion.


  • Of-course, Abraham is the ultimate Paradigm of hospitality, and he says to these three strangers: “My Masters, if I have found favor in your eyes, please do not depart from your servant – please take a little water and wash your feet, and rest under the tree, and I will get bread, and you will be comforted; and afterwards you will go from your servant.”  We see from here, that when we do kindness, we should always make the OTHER person, feel like the king.


  • Abraham then runs to the tent and he says to Sarah, “Hurry, please prepare three fine flower measures, and make loaves,” and then he runs to the cattle, and he takes the best of his calves and he gives it to his lad, and he hurries him to make it; He then take some butter and milk, and the calf which he made, and he gives it to them, and he stands above them under the tree and they eat.


  • The next story is exceptionally important, because these angels tell Abraham, that next year, we will return, and you will have a son; And Sarah, who is listening, laughs, because she had already passed menopause; And God says to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh?” And then he specifically Lies! by changing the wording of Sarah, who said in her heart that “it is impossible for me to have children; as well as, my husband is old.” So God, did not want to create friction so he omitted the latter. – This is critical to understand, for as the Talmud says, that if it is going to cause peace, not only should you lie, you must.


  • Now the next episode is exceptionally critical, for God says, that the reason he chose Abraham is, “Because I know that he will instruct his children and his household following him, and they will follow the way of God, to be compassionate and just.” – In other words, we see from this two things: firstly, that it is critical to raise children with Biblical values, without which, as we see, children fall apart; and secondly, what is critical to understand, is that the world God seeks, can be summed up in these two words a “compassionate  just.”


  • What is perhaps even more amazing, is that God says, that the reason that this sequence of events, namely, that Abraham will teach his children, and they will fulfill God’s will, is all, in order to reward him.


  • We find fascinating terminology in that God says, that “the cries of Injustice from the city of Sidoim have reached my ears”- “Let us go down and see if it has reached the maximum point where they deserve destruction.”


  • Another very important lesson, is, Abraham certainly could have been somewhat “morally Superior,” and yet he sees his fellow man as similar; and therefore, instead of Simply allowing a negative judgment, what he does, is, he prays for them.


  • It is very interesting to note; as will further be played out that in fact, not only is the birth of the Jewish Nation through the righteous mothers, but even its protection! Because, while Abraham was a man of love… as is often the case, women with their intuition, and in this case Sarah, seeing Yishmoel’s jealousy, would lead him to murder – forced Abraham to send him.


10. We now enter into a most bizarre episode, whereby God clearly says in the Bible, he was only testing Abraham… and he tells him to offer his son as a sacrifice!! The obvious question is, “Does God have nothing better to do, with, if we can call it ‘God’s life?’ And the lesson is exceptionally exceptionally profound, for as the episode concludes, God says to him, “Now I know you fear God;” As Kabbalah teaches, Abraham’s personal character trait was one of being a loving person, and his hallmark and life, is one of kindness and compassion; but as we mentioned at the very beginning of Lech Licha, the only way for a person to be spiritual, and have true meaning and values in life, is by abandoning their personality, even they’re positive instincts!, and agreeing wholeheartedly with each and every instruction that comes from God.

The Modern Bible 4 – Chayei Sara


  1. It is so interesting to note, that often the Bible will use as a title for an episode when speaking about the passing of a righteous person, as, “The Life;” for example, this Torah portion begins, “And the life of Sarah was…” For, a person who is passionate about truth, their soul remains eternally, alive.


  • The Bible uses an interesting language to denote the transfer of property from Efroin the Chitait to Abraham, as “The field got Up;” For when something is used by a righteous person – the physical becomes spiritual.


  • The Bible uses instructive language, “Abraham was old, filled with days,” and the Kabbalah teaches, this means, that all his days had been filled with purpose.


  • One of the most interesting and instructive episodes of the Bible, is the story of Eliezer from Damascus, who was the servant of Abraham, and he goes off on a mission – the Lubavitcher Rebbe – one of the greatest Masters, teaches, that this parallels each one of us; that we each are on a mission, and we must know exactly what the mission is, and when we succeed, like Eliezer, instead of becoming arrogant, we must become amazed.


5. It is further instructive, how Eliezer describes himself, namely, “I am the servant of Abraham;” This teaches us, that every Jew, in fact every person, our primary identity must be, “I Am The Servant Of God!” And of-course, in every generation, God sends an Abraham, a Moses, a Rebbe, who transmits the practical application of the Divine instructions.

The Modern Bible 5 – Toildois


  1. It is of-course instructive to note that when God speaks about the child of Abraham, he mentions exclusively Isaac, for it is Isaac who carries on his spiritual Legacy.


  • It is of-course instructive to note, that Jacob dedicates himself to the study of Torah, while Aisav pursues the life of leisure and hunting, and people who pursue leisure instead of thinking long-term, and seeing what will be good for them… throw their lives away.


3. We find a interesting trend by evil people; whether it was Kayin or whether it is a Eisav… in that, though they crave Divine attention and blessings, they are simply unwilling or unable, or both – to give up their ego’s self-centeredness.

The Modern Bible 6 – Vayeitzei


  1. We are now introduced to what the Jewish sages teach, is, the best of the forefathers – Jacob.

Ironically, his life seems very mundane – he must leave his parents home, as his angry brother wishes to kill him.

In Jacob we see G-d’s true intent – for both Abraham and Isaac lead somewhat mystical lives – Abraham of-course, fathered the belief in G-d, and it seems like the dice just rolls constant sixes…

In Isaac, we find what our sages refer to, “A complete sacrifice.”  In fact, he never leaves Israel, as his holiness was so sublime.  Though we do see some trouble, but generally he remains over it.

Jacob begins the process, which G-d originally intended for reality, namely, that the effect of the Torah’s truth – which he had studied from birth from Abraham, as well as Isaac (this is the meaning that Jacob was “A simple person, dwelling in the tents;” namely the tent of Torah) must now go beyond the sublime, and into the everyday.

As such, Jacob goes to sleep, and G-d appears to him, and effectively reiterates the promise that the Jewish people will inherent Israel (thanks!) and secondly, tells him effectively: “Fear not, for I am with you.”

Now Jacob awakens – realizes how holy this place is, and makes a vow, that if G-d truly will be with him, protect him… give him clothing and food… he will come back and offer a sacrifice.  Additionally, we find the first reference of someone pledging ten percent of their income to charity.  So ironically, though this may seem ordinary… it is only because, the way of Jacob, the humble person who understands, we are continuously in need of G-d for nothing less, than the shirt on our back, the bread on our table, and certainly the income that provides it – and as such, we shall endeavor to give – is the Jewish approach.


  • A very touching story is how “G-d saw that Leah was hated – in other words, G-d understood how much a woman desires her husband’s love – and therefore G-d gives her children,” – in order that Jacob’s love for her should be born.  You see, to love another, we need to see how they are in our interest (which do.)


3. A powerful important lesson is derived from Jacob’s ability to create speckled and other shapes on the sheep that are born, by showing them these images upon their conception… – whatever we imagine when we conceive (a child) greatly impacts.

The Modern Bible 7 Vayishlach


  1. It is interesting to note, that the Torah uses the terminology that Yitzchok passed away, “old and satisfied” – for can there be anything better.

The Modern Bible 8 – Vayeishev


  1. We find a powerful truth – the brothers of Josef were jealous – jealousy (as we mentioned in part 1) causes the desire to murder.   However it took but a single voice, the voice of Yehudah, who voiced a bit of compassion, to save his life – Your Voice May Save.


2. Unfortunately as it has been called, in our “cry rape culture,” we find a story of a woman who desiring a man, and being spurned, cries ‘rape’ – as is obvious, all people must be deemed innocent until otherwise proven.

The Modern Bible 9 Mikeitz


  1. It is fascinating, as one reads the Bible to see how many many dreams – communications from on high – appear.

Just a short list:  we have the dream of Abraham (where G-d shows him the future.)

We have the dream of Jacob and his ladder.

We have the dream of Josef as a king.

Then we have the dreams that Josef interprets: first of the baker, and butler, and then of Pharough.

The truth is that dreams are one of the ways which messages – often in riddles – are transferred.

The Modern Bible 10 Vayigash & Vayechi


  1. One of the hallmarks of the Jewish people – of Israel/Jacob (the father and progenitor) is the consistent understanding that all that comes to him, is really a gift.  As Kabbalah teaches, in life, we can feel entitled, and hence, whatever we get, contributes to our stupid “superiority” (and in fact, only makes us more arrogant, more hungry for “MORE;” in a never-ceasing cycle, of both stupidity and arrogance; itself which causes intolerance, jealousy, hate, maliciousness etc.) OR we can be in a cycle of gratitude – which causes peace, love, unity, compassion etc.


  • We find from Josef, the perfect way of how to deal with life.  So many of us have been hurt…. – Was anyone as hurt as Josef? – whose own brothers sold him as a slave?!  Yet not only, takes he not vengeance; he feeds, sustains, cares, and in fact, loves!  For Josef being a believer realized a fundamental truth:  if I could, I would say, this is the most important lesson ever – no matter what happens to you, whether good or bad, is a gift!!!  You see, G-d is only in the gift giving business!  As the Baal Shem Tov teaches, when you can find the good in the bad, the bad itself will be good,  Such an attitude allows us, instead of feeling as victims (hence leading miserable, bitter, resent-filled (resentful) lives…) to lead joyous, happy, gracious, loving, giving, benevolent ones.


  • As we conclude the book of Genesis, a distinct pattern emerges,  a. G-d creates his world, but within his world there are two groups: there are the Jews and the gentiles – the Jewish people are given the gift of insight – deep spiritual truths – of-course G-d sends the Jews with their truth to bring it to everyone.

The Modern Bible 11 Shemois


  1. It is very interesting to note, that we find three episodes in which Moses, appalled by evil, takes the initiative: he kills an Egyptian (who is cruelly beating someone,) he condemns a person about to hurt another,  he chases away male shepherds, who are blocking shepherdesses (Yitro’s daughters ) from getting water.

Could this be the reason why he is seen by G-d, as a person who cares for the oppressed, makes him a redeemer.

The Modern Bible 12 Va-ayra-Boi


  1. We find that G-d, as He tells Moses, is planning a historical lesson… It is obvious that the path of the Jewish people – its enslavement in Egypt, and the miracles to free them, are part of a Divine message:  Firstly that cruelty is wrong; Secondly, that we can rely on G-d.


2. We find furthermore, that G-d establishes the Passover holiday – for we must always be aware, that our children born into an agnostic world, need to be told that there is a. G-d, b. who cares.

The Modern Bible 13 -Bishalach


  1. In this Torah portion we get introduced to a new type of Divine human relationship – namely, G-d tells Moses to tell the Jewish people (and of-course somewhat to everyone) if you keep my commandments, you will be blessed.


  • Furthermore G-d tests them by sending Manna from heaven and instructing them to not leave over any – in other words, and this is critical…  if G-d is real, you can simply obey; 

just as a servant knows his job is but to listen; and obviously the master cares.


  • We now find the tragic reality, that in every generation there is some Amalek – some screwed up people – and in ours, the Arabs – who decide, it is their mission to wipe out the Jews.  G-d says, forget not – those who forget, invite evil.

The Modern Bible 14 – Yisro


1. The first nation – again meant to be a role-model to everyone – which establishes a practice of a legal society, are the Jews.  In every society there will be disagreements.  In order for society to function, there must be an equitable solution.  Obviously each party considers itself just – and hence at the very outset of the Jewish people, in the desert, an elaborate system of having righteous judges – people of integrity, dealing with any case, until Moses dealing with the most complex, is founded.


2. Now G-d is about to give the Jewish people the Torah – and as an introduction, he tells Moses to tell them that, “If you will keep my commandments, you will be a special nation, a Holy People,” In other words, the primary reason to listen to G-d, is simply it is the right, just, noble (as opposed to simply selfish, narcissistic etc.) path.

The Modern Bible 16 Mishpatim


  1. Among the many laws in this Torah portion, a fundamentally important one for our bizarre “hookup culture.”  G-d, the creator of humans, of human hearts, states, that a man that convinces a girl to sleep with him, has the obligation to marry – you see, why does this law follow the laws of theft?  For just as there is stealing – robbing another’s property, there is robbing a heart.  In plain English, a woman is not looking for a one night stand,  Womens’s nature is “deals” – it is their assumption, that if they give themselves, the man will.  To do anything less, is nothing less than a form of rape/of heart.

The Modern Bible 17 Terumah / Tetzaveh


  1. Here we find what our sages teach, is the most important verse in the Bible – believe it or not! “Offer one Sheep as a sacrifice in the morning, and one in the afternoon.”

It might seems interesting; Why, out of the 613 commandments in the Torah, 200! (that’s app. 1 out of 3) are about a single place of worship? the Beis Hamikdosh, the Holy Temple?  We know Judaism, is about love (goodness and kindness,) so why is there such an emphasis on prayer? – devotion? (some actually mistaken this as G-d’s ego!)

The answer is simple enough – to the extant that an ideal matters – and particularly by us men, whom flights of fancy (fantasy) can capture our imagination – by routinely, twice daily reminding ourselves that G-d is to whom we pay homage, then and only then, we will.

However of-course the goal is not to pay homage; the goal, as the verses concludes is, that we create an opening in our heart – for if G-d can dwell in the Holy of Holies, in the Holy Temple, where from there the voice of G-d (the Holy Spirit / Ruach Hakodesh) emanated to talk to Moses, certainly within the heart (and head) of any seeker.

The Modern Bible 18 Ki Sisah


  1. There is a profound lesson in this Torah portion, for Moses begs G-d to explain (or reveal) Himself (who He is?

G-d says, “you can see my back, but not my front.”

You see, Kabbalah teaches, that G-d’s mechanism is, that a. He has a vision, b. He creates the mechanism (for example, G-d had a vision that the Jewish people through fulfilling the Torah and Mitzvahs (Bible and her commandments) would merit the bringing of Moshiach – hence the mechanism is, creating a world, creating the Jewish people, creating the Torah, creating free choice etc.)

The Modern Bible 19  Vayakhel Pikuidei


1. G-d tells us that there was a cloud representing G-d, hovering over the Mishkahn (the portable Beis Hamikdosh built by Moses and the Jews under G-d’s tutelage.)

Now when the cloud lifted it would be a sign that the Jews should follow – when it rested, they should stay put.

Those fortunate enough to hear the voice of G-d, which is what the cloud represents (the Shechinah, the holy spirit / ruach hakodesh) must realize, that just as if you were a car – and you had an automated GPS – it is obvious, that when not to move, is as important.

The Modern Bible 21 – The Book of Bamidbar


  1. We find the story, of Miriam saying to Aaron,  “Why did Moses separate from his wife?” (“Has G-d not also spoken to us…”) She is punished, and G-d explains,  “How could you dare speak bad on my servant Moses (unlike all people, God speaks to him, ‘face to face.'”) In other words, there is an important lesson here – for whatever you can think – in fact, whatever you do think – for we find also Korach complains against Moses…  not understanding, that everything you know, comes from Moses! and everything He knows, comes directly from G-d.


  • We find Moses got angry, and instead of speaking to the rock hits it;  the Talmud tells us: three places Moses got angry, and in each he made an error; if the greatest of all men, anger causes stupidity….


3. Of-course, we’re privileged to read in the story of Billam,  the gentile prophet – the words prophesying, both about King David and Moshiach.

The Modern Bible – 22 – The Book Of Devarim


  1. Every day we pray – the idea of prayer is to arouse our deep heartfelt appreciation for, and love to G-d.


  • G-d says “See I am placing before you both a choice between life and death, a blessing and curse – if you listen to what I tell you….”
  • Don’t copy (others, who themselves are but bad copies.)
  • Don’t follow demigods (people who pretend…)


  • In fact, the reason G-d allows demigods (even sometimes false prophets, namely anyone, who veers away from the laws of the Torah, even if he can do a miracle!) for G-d is testing: Are you about truth? (or the latest fad or fear.)


  • In every generation, G-d sends a prophet, as great as Moses.


  • Our job is to be good, special, kind – we must have compassion – when we see someone lacking anything, we must take this as a sign, that G-d desires that we should help them. (I know someone who getting on a plane, saw someone with a specific illness, and his compassion led him to open a foundation to help cure!) In the merit of helping others, G-d will help you (and give you more money.) Remember, there will always be a percentage of the population (as Warren Buffet attests) that are unable to find work.


  • A Jewish girl (and guy) before marriage, should never be intimate (it is considered harlotry.)
  • Keep promises.


  1. Recognize that all your wealth is a gift – if possible, give tithe (10% – though ideally 20%, and ideally, everything.)


  1. The entire goal of G-d’s “game,” is, that now, in the end of times (right before the messianic redemption) as we look back over thousands of years – as we contemplate the foolishness of living aimless, stupid lives, we turn with all our heart, soul, to G-d.


  1. It is in fact, very easy to do all of G-d commandments, for what is asked of us, simply, Just Do.
  1. Do not cheapen the value of G-d’s commandments – it is your sole/soul purpose.


  1. The Torah (Bible and all the authentic commentaries, passed from our holy sages) is the inheritance of every single Jew.