This is for Parshas Va-eira based on Chassidus

This week’s Torah portion begins with G-d’s consolation to Moses.

Having fulfilled G-d’s command to demand that Pharaoh let the Jews go – in point of fact this causes Pharaoh to work the Jews harder…! – causing Moses to complain to G-d, “Why have you done evil to this nation – since you sent me to Pharaoh things only got worse – and You haven’t saved them.”

G-d replies, “I am G-d who appeared to the Forefathers with the name E-l Sha-dai, but my (highest name) Havayeh (the Infinite Essence) I did not make know.”

They say hindsight is 2020 – when unfortunately a person experiences pain, suffering, deprivation, fear, loneliness, sadness… the darkness may seem overwhelming : (

However what G-d was explaining to Moses, was that the fundamental reason behind everything – the infinite light, which must follow the darkness -for unless a person experiences concealment (confusion – perhaps desperation) to appreciate clarity, truth, as King Solomon says, “I have seen light is better then darkness,” is nigh impossible.
As we stand now – moments before the greatest Messianic revelation – for just as then, the Jews were foretold of redemption – and though their history was (believe it or not) even more tragic than ours (for the sadism and diabolical evil of the Egyptians was unmatched) nonetheless, the rule of darkness/light is, that as dark as the night, is as brilliant the day!

We too can look forward to the arrival of the Third Beis Hamkidosh (Holy Temple) rebuilt by Moshiach in our Homeland, when once again a miraculous end to suffering, illness, loneliness, confusion is foretold.

And finally, as the great scholar, saint, and mystic, Rabbi Schneersohn explained – as he told CNN when they enquired about His message regarding Moshaich, to the world – “The Moshiach is already on his way! – It is from our part to add in the realm of goodness and kindness.” – “Are you saying, ‘if we add in goodness and kindness, the Moshiach will come sooner?’” queried the reporter – “Immediately” answered the Rabbi.


The five absolutes 1. The only reason anything exists is because God so decreed 2. the purpose of everything that exists – including you and I – is for the purpose that God decreed 3. Though everything, from the galaxy to the bacteria, from the angel to the heaven, are designed, and have no free will – God decreed that you and I shall be able to discern. 4. Life is the process whereby, as one who bangs his head against a wall realizes, that his head, not the wall will break, hence decides to seek a better path (trial and error.) 5. The ultimate path is whereby you allow the Divine GPS