10 New Teachings Of The Baal Shem Tov – Elevating Your Thoughts

  1. When a person God-forbid has a thought of znus (pornography etc.) or avodah zorah (idol-worship) this is an indication that he will be punished – the rectification (or prevention) is to realize that everything (including these thoughts) comes from the Shechina (the descent of God) therefore one should attempt to elevate – through recognizing how tragic that Divinity should descend to such a low level – and this will save the person.  

Note 10 Before a negative comes, a thought of znus (pornography etc.) or idolatry – the former refers to something that may happen to a loved one, hence one must elevate them through Torah – and idolatry… one must think that these thoughts contain within them my sins – for they are fallen sparks – or they may have fallen from the Shevira (original falling) and as such it is my duty to feel the pain of God (that is in such a low depth) and through elevating – one will entirely rebuild oneself.


Though God in His will, gives everyone the ability to have their own will, but in a moment He can cause that all shall be His.

 Note 11 When a person gets sexual thoughts – he is in a danger for his life (as mentioned before) therefore one should realize that the Shechina is in all one’s thoughts and generate from this a great fear and this rectifies.


When a person has sexual thoughts – he is judged (in heaven) but if this causes fear of God (as mentioned) this saves.


A bad thought is heresy – which can cause judgment.

  • The Baal Shem Tov says on the verse, “Now I see you are a beautiful woman…” said Avrohom to Sarah. – How is before he didn’t? – Avrohom had lofty thoughts, therefore though he had seen Sara previously, his thoughts were not where his vision was – but the reason the Jews had to descend into Egypt was because the sick generation of the flood lowered the realm of thought into the debased sexuality of Egypt – thereupon when the Jews who were moral, were there, they elevated. – namely as Avrhom entered the lower level, (of the debased thoughts,) began to enter, which of-course he then elevated.

  • A person shouldn’t look at pretty things  and certainly not at pretty women – for a person who does this, does this for his pleasure, so he is like one who serves idols (focusing on himself.) Certainly, if this causes one to have sexual thoughts in his dreams, which causes an ejaculation, then these drops (the life-force) in them, impregnate the kelipa (negative demons.) Furthermore as the Ari-Zal says, if one thinks this way before marital intimacy, the son that derives from such a union, is sourced in the kelipa – they receive from this child energy – rather so should one conduct oneself – if one suddenly sees a beautiful woman, one should think – where did this beauty come from? – If G-d-forbid she wasn’t alive, the actual structure of her face wouldn’t exist – in other words, God created this – it is he who places the beauty and the redness – so why should I attract myself to the source which is not God, when I can attract myself to the Source of all beauty??! – Similarly, when one sees a pretty vase (etc.) one can realize where does the beauty come from – the physical matter is not – rather this is Divinely caused, and hence I can attach myself to the source of all beauty! – Similarly if one is eating a sweet thing, one should concentrate that the sweetness comes from the source of all sweetness! – even physical matter, its life force (as it exists, which takes energy as is known) comes from the source of all life and existence!

When one looks in such a way, then one’s vision is for God – this is good mechanism to save oneself from “machshavos zarois” distracting (sexual etc.) thoughts –

It is well-known that what one thinks about during the day, the thought travels and becomes the thought process of the dreams – During the day things are much more concrete but in the dreams one is seeing, the spirit of what one was contemplating. – This is why at night a person can come to prophecy – this is why by all the prophets it states, “In dream I speak to them” – besides Moses who in an awake state had the dream state (he could see the spirit of the physical) – so a person who trains themselves to see the spirituality of all things (as mentioned above) at night gets prophetic vision.

Note 19 “Taste and realize that God is good” – when you tastes a sweet (good ) food, realize that the place of this sweetness (and goodness) comes from God.


Everything in this world has a Divine life force – – just as man is a combination of a body and soul – so too everything – and the Torah too has a body and soul – everything derives its existence from the Torah – both its body and soul – so also the Mitzvos have a body and soul – from the body of a Mitzvah, a person is sustained in this world, and from its soul in the next – similarly the bread one eats has a life force – and the life force is the words that emanate from God, that so it should be (say bread…) for those breath of words are a real existence – in fact so real, it is the life force of all universes – and the speech of God goes into each created thing – to be its life force and to grow it – So in everything there is the Divine wisdom, therefore when a Jew eats or makes some money – his mind expands – how much more so a Tzaddik, when his mind expands through his holy eating – for the Divine intelligence and the force of the Avos in the food, connect to his mind (soul) and his mind (soul) expands.

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