Mamer Rebbe – quotes

Kedoishim Shabbos Mevarchim Iyar

1. The world stands on three pillars Torah, Prayer and Good deeds.

The Hebrew word for world, is the same word as Helem/ concealment.

This world is built through the concealment.

The intention of the concealment of course is for the revelation.

Through Torah, Prayer, and Good deeds, we reveal God.

2. We know the infinite radiance of God goes infinitely High and infinitely low, and practically this means that the construct of every universe – it’s existence – is the lowness of God, and the desire of the souls and the universe to ascend beyond the universe, is the high.

3. The expression of this in man’s service is Torah and prayer.

Prayer is when man ascends, to the extent of removing himself from the physical and Torah is The descent – for the Godliness comes all the way down into the person, even a person who is not on a spiritual High.

4. When a person considers his not so good actions, speech, and certainly thoughts – when he considers that the direction of his thoughts, imply the direction of his soul / desire, this desire now to remove himself from the pitiful not so good state, is Ratzu / Ascension.

8. These two states of ascent and decent, are actually within God, a single capacity.

9. Moshiach will have both of these qualities.

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