Maagid on Vayechi



 “And he blessed Josef etc. and He said, The Angel who redeemed me… Should bless your children” – The Zohar explains this is the blessing of children – for though one may be complete, until ones’ children are complete, they are not. – As our sages say, “May the children who come from you, be like you” – the wise son requests all for the pleasure of his father – and the father, upon seeing this, gives to the children  – and this is how the Jewish people bless their Father in Heaven.

59. There are those due to their Torah and prayer, they evoke great love and awe for God, and then there are those, precisely as they lack enthusiasm in Torah and they feel distant, that this causes a deeper desire.

60. God receives great pleasure – like his sustenance-food – from the pleasure, He derives from the Avodah (work) of the Tzaddikim.

The Yud has three parts, the tippy-top represents Yisroel which is Li Rosh (“my head” – that the Jewish people are so to say God’s head) then there is the bottom, Yaakov (Yud Eikev – Yud in heel) and then there is the middle, Yeshurun) the Tzaddik, like a parent who receives pleasure from the pleasure of his child (so though it may be a small candy… but the pleasure this give his child, this gives the parent,) hence the Tzaddik whose words are connected to God, his desire becomes God’s desire – he has the power to build worlds, to revoke harsh decrees – and this is the great pleasure God has (as the Rebbe says, God desires for us to bring Moshiach and He can say “My children beat me!”)

61 Thought is what drives the letters / words – when a person comes to pray to God, there is a heavenly announcement “Go out and see daughters of Jerusalem” (this is a very deep talk, so we are mentioning but a point…) when the kelipos hear this, they do all in their power to distract the person through implanting physical lusts – but in fact, the Godly soul wants that person to follow that train of thought – this is an example of a person – a prince – who was captured, but wished to remain connected to his father – certainly his father as the manner of kings is involved in a pleasurable pursuits – so he thought he would go with his captors to the bar – now the captors wanted him at the bar, so he shan’t run away – but he thought, “I will drink” – so while the captor was a vulgar lower person, whose pleasure was in stupid physical things – the prince was using the wine, to put himself in a good spirits, so he could connect to his father.

64 More than the calf wishes to suckle, the cow wishes to nurse – we should never pray to God for what we want, but rather realize that God truly wishes to give us what we need – so we should pray for God (to bestow.)

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