Rebbe Mamer – Vinacha

1. When Moshiach comes, in addition to the fact that there will be the splitting of the Egyptian sea, as it was last time – there will be a splitting of the river, and this is even a greater miracle.

2. The juxtaposition that the sea will split and the river too, is to indicate that we can go directly from the crossing of the Egyptian sea, to the Messianic Redemption.

This is especially as the verse says, that the spirit of God will rest upon him, which a. refers to Moshiach, but during the prayers it said regarding each and every Jew.

3. The arrival of Moshiach simply depends on us, for doing a single Mitzvah with wholehearted intention, can bring Moshiach.

The personal Redemption that occurs when a person does a wholehearted Mitzvah, remains both above and below for eternity.

4. If all of our actions have the ability to bring Moshiach closer, infinitely more so those actions that are directly connected to the coming of Moshiach such as Charity.

Our ability is that much stronger, as our actions are like a midget standing on the top of a giant, for We stand after the incredible work of the Alter Rebbe, the Mitteleh Rebbe, the Tzemach Tzeddek, The Rebbe Maharash, the Rebbe Rashab, and the Previous Rebbe (and of course our Ed.)

5. And may it be that we can point with our fingers, indicating directly that Moshiach is here, both externally and internally, in a joyous way, immediately.


10 New Sayings Of The Maagid


56. When a Jew prays, his intention must be that the light in the Shechina should shine.

Even when we pray for ourselves, our intent should be, that it should not lack, above.

As we are a limb of the Shechina…  so a lack below signifies lack above, hence our main prayer is for the Shechina.

Such a prayer is certainly accepted.

Such a prayer the satan does not counteract.

57. There are two ways a father shows love – one is love (giving,) the other is discipling (hurting – if the father didn’t care, he wouldn’t discipline….) In a similar vein, the original love for God was too intense, hence God had to withhold this love.

Additionally if there is a great love a father wishes to bestow upon his little child who cannot receive, the father may give him a smack, and then the father feels sorry, and as we know, the evoking compassion is a newfound love.

The thoughts of the Holy Tzaddikim, as God saw everything that would ever occur – and as past present and future by Him are all one – therefore he received in his original thought (“Machshavah Hakedumah De-ak”) for Creation, an insane pleasure (over the Nachas.)

Additionally when Moses went up to heaven, he heard God saying the words (of the future) sages – and the words which they say in the future, they draw down from God.



 “And he blessed Josef etc. and He said, The Angel who redeemed me… Should bless your children” – The Zohar explains this is the blessing of children – for though one may be complete, until ones’ children are complete, they are not. – As our sages say, “May the children who come from you, be like you” – the wise son requests all for the pleasure of his father – and the father, upon seeing this, gives to the children  – and this is how the Jewish people bless their Father in Heaven.

59. There are those due to their Torah and prayer, they evoke great love and awe for God, and then there are those, precisely as they lack enthusiasm in Torah and they feel distant, that this causes a deeper desire.


10 New Baal Shem Tov Teachings

Parshas Noach

  1. A person is called a Tzaddik when in the service of God, He has great pleasure.
  2. Just as in a physical intimate union, one can only have an elevation through desire – similarly a person whose service of God is not ulterior, but motivated due to one’s great love of God, this births spiritual delight.
  3. The Baal Shem said in the name of the Ramban – if you seek to understand what is service of G-d (Avodas Hashem) if when you learn Torah, you are filled with pleasure and dread (awe/reverence.)

Note 2. The Baal Shem Tov told his son, the way to know if you are truly serving God, if when you learn Torah you are filled with love and fear of God.


The Baal Shem Tov said: see to it, from every Avodah (service of God, say Torah / Prayer) you receive fear and humility.)

  • Though in the physical realm, where one derives pleasure one derives not fear/pain (as they are opposites) but in the spiritual realm they can be simultaneous.

  • Serve God simultaneously with awe and joy – these are two twins that should never be separated – fear without joy is misery – rather one should always joyfully serve God.
  • There are great Tzaddikim that need no preparation, as soon as they start Davening (praying etc.) the great unbelievable sweetness and delight of God, upon them rest.

    There are others who try their best – though they achieve not this delight, as they try, God considers as if they have.

    There are others who sunder themselves from serving God – God-forbid (they are called the living dead – and even worse is when they dabble in the atheistic philosophy.)

  • A man once queried of the Baal Shem Tov: Why when I am meditating and feel connected to God, do I suddenly feel distant?

    Explained the Baal Shem Tov, this is like a father getting his little boy to walk – first he holds out his hands, the boy runs to the father but then he withdraws his hands – for if he did not do so, the furthest the son could walk would be up that point – but with constant removal, the son constantly grows.

Note 7 Like a father who withdraws his hands so his little boy should learn to go further – the withdrawal of God from the Jewish people is so we can ascend.

  • Just like a father who withdraws his hands so his son should go further – the Tzaddik who serves God, but feels distant…