10 New Teaching From The Baal Shem Tov – Connecting Heaven and Earth

181 Always connect the physical to the spiritual, in this way you cause heaven and earth to kiss.

182. Through positive intentions we connect everything physical to the spiritual.

Note 157 Our goal is to connect the physical with the realm of thought, bringing it back to its infinite source.

184. The two jesters who will inherit the world to come (mentioned in the Talmud) their mission was to connect everyone and their entire life with Shechina – apart from people who were morose (as they couldn’t connect to them) that’s why they would first tell them jokes.  

Note 159

The two jesters would elevate everything from below to above.

185. In everything you do, your intention should be for God, not even a minor amount should your intention be selfish.

Note 160. Not only do we do things for God – in other words, eat to have the strength to serve – rather in everything we do, we elevate the sparks of God – so when we eat the intention is to elevate the food – and this applies to every aspect of our lives.   

187. We must connect the physical to the spiritual, this includes our own animal soul (that it joins us in serving God.)

189 The whole world is filled with His glory – there is nothing neither big nor small which from Him is separated – for He is the existence of all – therefore a good person can connect God even to physical matter(s) – whether it is eating, drinking, intercourse – business – mundane chats or interactions / exchanges – this is the secret of the giver bending down to uplift the receiver (say a father to his child…) and this is the Kabbalistic meaning, “Know God in all your ways” (as “Adam Knew Eve”) in other words, unite everything to God.

190. If (the above applies) to physical matter (that we must unite all to God) how much more so regarding prayer which stands at the pinnacle of reality – there are within prayer many levels – and in each, one can unite with higher spiritual dimensions – whichever level you are standing in, unite yourself with all people who are at this level – for they are all limbs of the Jewish soul (community) and from there pray/unite – and God will be with you and you will elevate (it would appear all.)

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