10 New Baal Shem Tov Teachings

179 Chanoich was a shoemaker – literally sewed shoes – and in each stitch he made, he connected God and the Shechina – explains the Baal Shem Tov, thoughts come from the higher name of God, Havayeh (they contain the aspect of infinity) whereas action is a limited (to a time place) dimension, and the goal is to connect your thoughts to your actions.

Note 154

Everything that comes your way do – in everything that we do, whether it is eating, drinking, intimacy we can/must connect it to God – in everything there is to do, the connection to God can/must be made.


Every single thing that you do – every minor movement is supervised by God, and your mission is to connect intent with movement/action.


It is imperative to believe that whenever we connect our thoughts – which are connected to Havayeh (God) and our action (which is connected to the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil – in other words, they can be positive or negative or selfish) we elevate.


When you connect physical action, the level of Malchus with the higher Daas/wisdom – this connects God and his Shechina – for Moshiach is the Daas/wisdom of the Jewish people – as we know, when Moshiach comes, it states “The whole world will be filled with the Daas/Wisdom of God” therefore when you connect Malchus with Daas, this is the revelation of Moshiach and the hastening of redemption.


Whenever you connect thought (which is connected to God) with action, Malchus (the lowest level) you should have in mind to sweeten the judgment (bring joy to the lowest) traversing from the highest heaven to the lowest earth.


The goal is to connect thought/intent which comes from the right side, to action (malchus) which comes from the left side (sweetening her judgment) Thought is called Ayin (Divine) while action is called Ani (I – ego.)


When we connect the concealment of this world to the infinite knowledge – the Divine – the source (which created all for a purpose… we sweeten all judgments.


You need to connect your actions with your soul, which is your thoughts (this sweetens all judgments.)


Action is called the body, and intention/though is called the soul.


Connecting intention and action is the greatness of Moses.

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