Whoever desires a good marriage must have five principles – the first is that your wife is the other half of your soul – that way you will treat her as you – the second is that all relationships have a giver / receiver dynamic; (in healthy relationship) because the male is the giver, therefore the female is the receiver – in every giver / receiver relationship (for example employer / employee, parent / child) the self expression of the receiver is concealed – the reason for this is fear – for when we are dependent we have a need to not break – as such (because joy is self-expression) it is the job – like the sun to the moon – of the giver to shine light (love, joy, intimacy etc.) to the receiver (if one does not do this – as we know 80% of divorces are based on a women’s discontent – for there is only so long you can enjoy not having the ability to self-express) #3 in all healthy dynamics, of-course you have two people with two opinions – unless you can compromise – creating one direction instead of two competing… – #4 as the Talmud says “lack of money is the beggening of troubles” (lack of money creates anxiety, which then turns into jealousy, which turns into maliciousness) and #5 the most important factor in having a relationship is actually wanting it

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