Baal Shem Tov – Vayigash


  1. Whenever something God forbid bad happens to you, recall that within all is God – there is a positive purpose (and this will cause the pain to cease.)
  2. The Divine names of Sag and Ban are a remedy for anger.
  3. God said to Yaakov, “I will go down with you to Egypt and I will uplift you (out of there.)”
    “I” refers to the Shechina which is a ladder from earth to heaven – as the Zohar says “this is like a person who goes down into a pit and he needs to take a ladder to climb out” – this is the meaning of the words “I will go down with you to Egypt” namely the Shechina and I will uplift you, namely, through the Shechina you will be able to get higher – and most importantly, you will have the great merit of uplifting lost souls.

Note 5. By recognizing that all comes from God, this itself turns the negative to positive – in fact one should pray to God, to be able to realize this.

Note 7 When a person connects themselves not to the event, but the inner Divine intent this transforms.

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