10 New Teachings Of The Baal Shem Tov

131. Just as the body is grasped by grasping it – similarly the soul is grasped by calling the person’s name – this is why when you call someone’s name, even when they are asleep, they awake.

Note 110 The name of a person is his soul.

133 Because the letters in a person’s name are the source of his life-force (soul) therefore it is fitting to always make from them a Yichud.

134. The main soul is the combination of the letters of a person’s name, for which s/he comes into this world to rectify (elevate.)

135. Every person’s Avodah (life mission is connected to their name (which contains what they’re about.)

136. It is known that the name of a person is their essential life – all animals, birds, and creations live based on the source of the Holy letters of their Hebrew name in the Torah – and they are sourced in their supernal Ministering angel.

137 It is known by the Holy Tzaddikim that the Baal Shem Tov’s soul, was one of those that departed from this realm before the sin of the eating of the Tree Of Knowledge.

138.  The Three Forefathers rectified the three sins performed by Adam (spiritually) of Murder, Idolatry and Adultery – Avraham rectified Idolatry by giving his life (in the fiery furnace for God) Yitzchok fixed murder by being ready to sacrifice his life and Yaakov, Adultery.  

139 God banished man from the Garden of Eden and placed there the revolving blade – there are many evil forces (kelipos) that attempt to block man’s ascension into heaven (during Prayer) but one must continually work at it and remember that the entire world is the domain of God.

Note 112 The Baal Shem Tov knew that he could ascend as Elijah into heaven, as he (his soul) had not tasted of the forbidden fruit (which causes man to die.)  

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