10 New Teachings From The Maagid

Torah Oir – Teachings From The Maagid From Torah Passages

The Torah could have begun from “This is the first month” (namely the first Mitzvah of Kiddush Hachodesh) – why did God reveal the story of creation? For the sake of the Jewish people – who proclaimed “We will obey and study Torah” – this is similar, that the original intent of Creation was for the Jewish people – God foresaw the righteous Jews in every generation and this caused Him to limit His infinite radiance.

This is similar to a father who limits his intelligence and speaks silly words to engage his small son.

Similar, all the silly emotions are born in the father for the love of his son.

He enjoys silly acts, in order that his son should have pleasure – now by God past and future are equal – so He already took (in the past,) pleasure from the service of the righteous Jew (which would come in the future.)

So this future pleasure caused Him to limit His infinite radiance –

Tzimtzum (self-limitation) is called Chochma – for the Chochmah is the Ayin (nebules state) and this was done for the sake of the Jewish people.

Also the love, caused the Tzimtzum.

2. When God created the world it was crumbling until Avraham, but then came Yishmoel… until he had Yitzchok, but then came Eisav… until He had Yaakov.

This also represents that the original light was too expansive (Avrohom,) so it needed to be contracted – Yitchok, but through Eisav it was too contracted, hence Yakov.

3. Before God made the letters of speech which created reality, He created the letters of thought – but these letters cannot be expressed.

9. Because by God that past and the present are equal, He saw the future and this gave Him great joy – this is the meaning of the verse, “Let us make man in our image;” that God loved the image of His children, the Jewish people – and concealed Himself in it.  


But when male and female are together, are they called man.


The brightness of the Torah is so great, it could but come into the clothing of its letters, though the letters itself are holy.


Bilaam in Kelipa is the corresponding opposite to Moshe.


The stories of the Torah are not regular – they themselves are wisdom.


The main point of the examples in the Torah are to give us wisdom – so when a person has the wisdom, the point was fulfilled.


Sometimes an example can be foolish, and it is from the foolishness that the contrasting wisdom is bright.

 King Solomon (an expert on examples) brought together the wisdom of people (science etc.) and from those learned Divine lessons. Through this he elevated them.


Now it is known that everything must be complete – one cannot bifurcate (///separate) therefore all that exists is part of God (or God’s goal.)

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