From The Baal Shem Tov

117 “And God planted a Garden In Eden and He placed there man” – though no verse is not also literal – that God placed him in a physical Gan Eden – nonetheless the Holy Zohar explains – that Gan represents the 53 Parshas of the Torah – and based on the Zohar, this is the explanation – God planted 53 Parshas of the Torah in Eden (which also means pleasure) in the beginning – meaning that before Creation, God took pleasure in the Torah – and God taught Adam Torah – in Gan Eden, as it states “To work it and protect it” – meaning to work it – this is the Mitzvahs Asei (positive commandments) – and to protect it, these are the prohibitions – God is teaching how to study Torah – whenever one studies Torah, one should seek to take out lessons in Yiras Hashem (growth etc.) but one who hears Torah and decides this I like or this I don’t, like going to a musical production… – this is called the Tree of Knowledge (“this is good/bad…”) The day we study in this way we shall surely (spiritually) die.

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