Know, it is that the exact inverted mirror image of God, goodness, love, compassion, upliftment, is evil – however evil must also lie – so it comes as Hitler, as Obama, as all radical leaders to the people saying – “you need me…” – all the while the subcionoous or conscious intent is to use those fools to sow hate – and after they have caused as much destruction as possible – as Hitler himslef did – before he killed himself (for ultimately the forces of evil are just jealous, depressed, angry people) he ordered the bombing of the factories that provided food for Germany – now for example Obama came out with a book that is all about how bad America is.


Hei teves – 5752

1. The redemption of the seforim (there was a court case in which stolen books were returned) will have an effect, on the seforim that Russia, is illegally holding – as we know, each Mitzvah brings another in its wake.

2. All of Torah is a single holy wisdom – hence by studying the Torah in the parts of the library we currently have – we enable ourselves to have the others redeemed.

3. In fact, redemption, of these seforim, as all begins in Torah leads to Moshiach.

4. Most importantly Torah books are there to be learned – our sages teach, that exile will be redeemed in the merit of learning Mishnayous – hence we should undertake to study all of the Mishnayous and as God sees that our resolution is strong, He considers it as good as gold, and redeems us.

5. We know that prayer follows redemption, hence as we have this redemption, this lead to the ultimate prayer of the complete redemption.