10 New Teachings From The Baal Shem Tov

Note 66 Once there was a simple man that rebelled against the king – instead of killing him, the king began to elevate him – as he rose from position to position, eventually becoming Prime Minister, his terrible shame (at himself) for going against such a mighty and merciful king increased – so does God punish.

88. “These are the chronicles of heaven and earth when they were Created” – our sages teach, this world was created with Hei – The Baal Shem explains, this world operates with five things (hei – is 5) pain – acceptance of pain – prayer – salvation – and acknowledgment – (An explanation, when one unfortunately has pain, one should a. realize that from God, all is good! – so though we may not understand, but this acceptance, transforms it to become good. – Finally, as it is but the soul that feels pain (or pleasure – a dead body feels nothing;) therefore as one’s soul is attached to God, one, recognizing that it in fact is God’s pain, and pray for God! which causes salvation.)

89. The Baal Shem Tov said when he was taken under the Tree Of Knowledge (perhaps a place in heaven) there were many Jews there – under the tree of life (perhaps for more altruistic souls) there were few – but to the inner Gan Eden – very very few.

90. These are the chronicles of heaven and earth when they were created – the day Havaye Elokim (God the Lord) made heaven and earth” – just as the world was created  with the Holy Names of Havayeh and Eloikim – similarly when a person mentions  words of holiness – he must do so with love and awe of God, which is Havayeh Eloikim.

91. “And God blew into his nostrils the breath of Life” – We know (Divine) thought is called the biggening, the level of Chochmah – and from there all the universes and all within it were created – of-course man being the entire purpose of creation – all are created through the combinations of the twenty-two Hebrew letters of the Torah, which are included in the ten primordial creative statements through which the world is created – and the breath that causes speech comes the life-force to all the worlds, and to man below – this is called Ruach (spirit)  “and He blew into Him a soul of life” – this force was disrupted through the sins of the generation of the flood – but when the Jewish people accepted the Torah, it returned as before the sin – and specifically to the Jewish people did the 22 letters of the Torah come – our sages teach, that this world was created through “Hei” and the world to come through “Yud” – this also represents, Love and Fear of God – through a Jew containing love and fear, life comes to all universes.

92 The reason the supreme Divine soul comes into the supreme low body – for what is lower than the earth – for though angels above sing the heavenly praises of God in beauty and sweetness, in love and harmony, nonetheless, when a person below thanks and praises God – because precisely it comes from a body (which has a nature to take…) this to God is sweeter, infinitely better and more loved than all the songs of the highest angels.

Note 95 God’s soul pleasure is from (good) people.   

93. The Baal Shem Tov Writes that the spirt of man within him and his life-force is his ability to speak – this is what it says “and God blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being” and Unkolus translates that as a speaker – based on this, when a person speaks – these words are his life – and he exhales his life in those words – but because the life-force of a person is continually connected to its source – therefore these words themselves draw down upon him a new life-force – and through this he lives continually – although in every word he exhales his life – but with every word he introduces new life.

96. All speech that people speak comes from the “realm of speech” – and man’s thoughts comes from the “realm of thought” – and when people speak good and connect their intent to their words – then they connect the realm of speech with the realm of thought and cause goodness – and likewise if they speak evil God-forbid – and in this a great secret is contained – – a person should accustom themselves to never say bad words which come from the side of anger (Din) rather accustom themselves to always speak kind words, which comes from the side of Chessed (love) so too in our thoughts – And So Do We Accomplish!

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