10 New Teachings For The Baal Shem Tov

68.  When we are in a small state – namely that our service of God is not from joy but kabalois oil – obligation.

69. Understanding what is small and expanded mindedness… – when a person sits to study Torah yet his mind is not with him, this is small, yet when one studies and he understands, and enjoys… this is called expanded (Gadlus) and the same applies in prayer and every Mitzvah.

70.  Life comes in small and expanded mindedness – when a person realizes they are in small mindedness, this itself leads them to expanded.

71. Unfortunately there are people who don’t know they are in small mindedness.   

Note 60

Sometimes God will take a person (cause him to fall) from his high (level) or people will – for this is in his interest (ED. Presumably so he can later ascend higher.)

The goal of man is to refine the body – so man is a composite of soul and body – certain great people like Chanoich and Elijah had so refined themselves that they were able to elevate straight to God – however at times they are sent back into this world for a mission (this is the secret of expansion and contraction ) however one needs to knows how to protect themselves so they can ascend again – and the Baal Shem Tov said, there were people who having descended, they got stuck.


What is the meaning of what Hillel said to the convert, “that which you want not another to do to you, don’t do to them” – the Tzaddik often must descend (from their spiritual high) help those on a spiritual low – so this convert said: “I wish to study the Torah while standing on one foot” – in other words, I won’t need to descend… hence the reply, “That which you wish another not another to do to you, don’t do them” – for if you were on a low level, you certainly would wish for someone to elevate you !


The Baal Shem Tov said on the story of the convert who said “Convert me on the condition you teach me the Torah while I stand on one foot” – Man is part of God above – now in infinity there can be no parts – – and God fills all worlds… – sometimes a soul is sent below and he is involved in lewd or bad thoughts – and the purpose of this is to elevate the lower realm – this is very precious to God – – now though someone may come to speak to you with hate, accept everything with love – like Rabbi Akiva who rooster was eaten, who candle was extinguished and donkey eaten too, and he said “All that God does is for the good” – and this truly was a benefit to him… – and this was the converts request, “Convert me on condition I always remain on a spiritual high” – so he replied “That which you want not another to do to you, don’t do to them” – in this he hinted that just as you were on a low spiritual level and you needed help, so someone had to descend – and this was the mission of Rabbi Akiva, who was the child of converts, reclaiming everything back to the realm of Divine thought.

73. Take pleasure from the impure to the pure – sometimes a person serves God in small-mindedness – then when he serves in expanded consciousness – hence the pain of small-mindedness becomes the pleasure of expanded.

74. After we go from small-mindedness to expanded consciousness, we elevate all the deeds, prayer, Torah done in small mindedness.  

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