10 New Teachings From The Baal Shem Tov

43. One must remove the outer part (the kelipah – selfish part) of a Machashavah Zarah (sinful thought)  extract from it the spiritual light hidden within.

45. When the bad becomes a catalyst for the good (such as regret and change) then it transforms the bad, basically to good.

46. When a person is not feeling it…. (the love for Torah and Mitzvos) but they persevere, when they feel it (love for Torah and Mitzvos…) then this elevates.

47. A Holy person can both eat tasty food and simultaneously have this as a source of misery, he can look anywhere, but wherever he looks he sees the Divine names of God that cause its existence – so also in speech, sometimes you can speak words of chitchat while remaining attached to God – so too in prayer, a person can pray with a heart aflame, yet his outward appearance is immobile, he can cry in a silent way.

48. The Baal Shem Tov said – that all the Divine energy within which God invested in the original formation of the universe – through the Ten Holy Sayings which are the source energy letters – these letters (though through transitional lower energetic letters – layers) form the very fabric of matter (giving them the ability to continually be recreated – so the future fabric of reality is the Hebrew letters – Divine energy.)

50. When a craftsman makes a cup, the cup after crafted needs not the craftsman, but because all matter doesn’t exist, it merely is formed through the speech (will) of God, therefore, God’s will must continually invest to create it.

53. Our sages teach that even the disagreement of the sages (what is/isn’t kosher for example – though Halacha has one decision…) both are the words of the living God – How? Because when reality descends – then things need to be separated – but as you go higher (in Binah) the fundamental unity of all things.

54. The whole point of Torah Shebal Peh (Halacha, Jewish law) is that from the side of Chessed comes giving, and from the side of Gevurah (the Yetzer Hara) and evil, so by studying and practicing Torah we ensure – as from the sin of Eitz Hadas, these two sides intermingled – that we are able to eliminate negative and be givers.

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