Why you – man – matter

We have grown up in a topsy-turvy world.

Without delving much into the foolishness, let us speak truth

1. Women need husbands.

There are five reasons:

A. This makes them feel special.

B. This gives them the ability to fulfill their Divine mission to have children

C. As by nature women feel more anxiety, this gives them a. A sense of Safety b. A role-model.

D. Women are more acutely & accurately aware that “far better two than one.”

E. All studies show, it leads to longer life, happiness, health etc.

2. Children need fathers:

A. Fathers provide a sense of Safety.

B. Fathers are role models – as the saying ,”a boys first hero” and “a girls first ‘crush'”… – again, all studies show how development in married families, in children, in terms of a sense of Safety and hence future relationships etc…

3. It goes without saying that financial contribution can’t be underestimated

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