10 New Teaching of The Baal Shem Tov

  1. When God made the world, upon seeing the wicked the light retracted but upon seeing the righteous, the light returns.
  2. When God wished to make the world, He saw the righteous and was so filled with love, that this overwhelming love, would have been too great – so He looked at the wicked and this balanced His love.
  3. It is known man is made of form and matter, soul and body, the soul cleaves to God but the body through its desire for sex and food, keep it below – once in a while a person transcends – this is the secret of yearning and returning.
  4. God peered into the Torah and built the world (as the Torah are the blueprints,) this is like one looks in a book, and gets an idea.
  5. Sometimes the world stands on an elevated or denigrated plane – said the Baal Shem Tov, as I am in the world, it is on an elevated.

Note 9 When a Tzaadik is in the world, they elevate all the physical, material, objects and words.   

10. Breshis is Yira Boshees (fear of shame) just like when one is before a great king, he thinks not, does he love me… – rather of the king’s exaltedness, so before him I shall be humble.

11.  Just as there are the 22 letters (of Hebrew) used in words of Torah and prayer so too all physical matter has these 22 letters – these letters God made the world with – this is what it states in Shas Brechois that Betzalalel knew how to combine these letters – however the letter are within physical properties – within many coverings and concealments, but within them is the spiritualty of God, so the glory of God fills the entire universe and everything in it – there is no part of reality where He is not there – it is only that He is hidden – and when the knowledgeable people know this – by them there is no concealment and difference – and this is what it states in Kabbalah, we who are based in God, nothing has changed.

12.  All the universe are solely – like Russian dolls, concealments, coverings of the inner – similarly the Alef Beis.  

13. King David showed everyone that God is everything – he did this with his verse “To You God is Greatness, strength, Splendor etc.” – in other words all things that exist are merely the combination of the seven sacred emotions.

14. In every single gesture, movement is God, for it is impossible to move or speak without God.

15. Even within the physical is God.

16. “I I shall console you” – says the Baal Shem Tov – when you realize that the I of every I is but God, this shall comfort you.