7 New Teachings Of The Baal Shem Tov


  1. When Moshiach comes speedily he will teach us all the combinations in every word of the Torah (for example, the word Tzohar made of three Hebrew letters has six combinations – and together the meaning is, “when you run to do a Mitzvah, the troubling troubles will turn into light!”) after he does this, he will make from the entire Torah a single word, and there will be infinite combinations, and he will explain the meaning behind each.
  2. There is a well-known question, if creation is good, why didn’t God do it earlier? – the answer is that in God’s infinite wisdom the timing is important – the proof of this is, the world to come is obviously better than this world – however everything comes in its exact time – just like Shabbos follows the six days of the week.

This also answers how come there is free choice, if God knows what will be – the answer is that a person has the free choice to follow after what God knows he will do, or after the wish of God – such as keeping Torah and Mitzvos.

Note 2

When God made the universe, He removed His infinite radiance, and all that was left was a background radiation (so to speak) and this is but a Yud, a point, and it is called 10, The Crown of Malchus – and from them were created creations of limitation, which seemingly opposes His will – for His will is that the honor of His kingdom should be infinitely spread – and removing the infinite light is to conceal (the light – so why would He wish to conceal that which He wishes to reveal?)
However God’s will is that we should have free choice – and one who truly knows and understands, will see that in the desire to remove His light, is the hidden desire that people should have free choice, and that they should choose to do good. – And this is exactly how creation in this world occurred – the good was hidden and people have a desire to fulfil physical desires – and this is the revolving sword – and this is the entire purpose of Creation objectively speaking – however when we look into the matter deeper, we realize, the purpose is to transform the negative to positive – that all of our actions should be only according to the Holy Torah – then the evil will disintegrate, and it will be transformed to good, and the original infinite light will be revealed, and this is called the revelation of Atik – that it removed in the beginning of creation, in order for there to be free-choice, and when we overpower our evil desires (yetzer) then the good is revealed (This is from the Divrei Chayim.)

  • We know the Torah has Ten Sayings with which God made the world – and Breishis (“In the beginning, God made heaven and earth”) is the first saying – but why is it different to the other ten? (in that the terminology “And God spoke…” is not used) for the power of this saying is infinite.
  • When God made the world, all the energy would return back to where it came from (God,) so it couldn’t exist -only when He made the Jewish people did it have staying power – the ego in the Jew keeps the world afloat – but this specifically is when the Jew’s ego is only to serve God (this is a teaching of the Baal Shem Tov, brought by the Degel Machane Efraim, who says, this a very deep concept in which all of reality is contained.)

Note 4. The infinity of God pulsates in the world of Atzilus, in fact, in the lower spiritual universes as well – for which reason there can be no other existence (as all the energy returns to the infinite) but the Jewish people – from God’s great love for them, He forces the infinite to manifest into finite – thus giving them free choice.

 When God made the world all the infinite lights sought to return back to God, but the world was made, for God loves the Torah and Mitzvos of the Jews and these infinite lights – they return back (to manifest physical reality) as they wish to be absorbed in the Jews, Torah and Mitzvos.


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