the sum total – because secular or non-Jewish thinking begins in the pantheistic (atheistic – natural… – observation without intelligence,) notion, that we are but another rat (that can speak,) therefore as the person seeks to remove their shame, they engage in false pursuits – but because the Jeiwsh – Divine – Bible worldview begins that we are the reason God made the world!! – the only question is what is man’s mission

Allow never another’s egos’ pathological sadism which lacking compassion (due to their shame) hence narcissistcly enjoying servitude and by identifying – hence your ego desires the same (effectively you become your own enemy – for true love always always ALWAYS – hearkens respect)

1o new teachings from the Maagid

257 In everything and everyone there are Olam, Shanah, Nefesh (time space soul). Now there are two types of time – there is when we are engaged in spiritual and physical matters. Now a righteous person makes from the physical matter – through serving God continually into spiritual – and this is the day, andContinue reading “1o new teachings from the Maagid”