the sum total – because secular or non-Jewish thinking begins in the pantheistic (atheistic – natural… – observation without intelligence,) notion, that we are but another rat (that can speak,) therefore as the person seeks to remove their shame, they engage in false pursuits – but because the Jeiwsh – Divine – Bible worldview begins that we are the reason God made the world!! – the only question is what is man’s mission


1o new teachings from the Maagid

257 In everything and everyone there are Olam, Shanah, Nefesh (time space soul).

Now there are two types of time – there is when we are engaged in spiritual and physical matters.

Now a righteous person makes from the physical matter – through serving God continually into spiritual – and this is the day, and God called it one day – that its all light.

This is similar to the idea that every day Shamai would eat for the Shabbos (as whichever nicer calf he would find he would say that it is for Shabbos.)

A Baal Teshuva who comes to God through love, erases all of his sins.

Furthermore as is known, a constant pleasure loses its pleasure, hence from a Tzaddik’s constant service, God lacks pleasure, but as the Baal Teshuva – it seemed as he was lost and he returned! – this gives God (like a son who returned) great great pleasure.

Furthermore the Baal Teshuva must constantly strengthen themselves – this causes a great honor to God in heaven.

The Baal Teshuva causes that God’s attribute of justice should change to mercy.

Furthermore this causes God’s mercy to extend to the whole world.  

257 The name Havayeh enclothes itself in all speech.