The ten premises which formulate all others – number one nothing exists without the constant energizing Force from the source of all existence! number two if that is the case, all that exists is part of a bigger picture – there is no existence that exists just for the sake of existing! number 3 the big picture is not about existence, as mentioned, rather it’s about relationships – number four, there are five primary relationships: the first is the relationship between Man and God, the second is the relationship between me and myself, which must be positive, the third is relationship between me and my significant other which is based on give and take which is a very mature attitude, the 4th is my relationship to others which also must be based on give and take, the 5th is my Altruistic, which is in other words compassion, as well as obligation V fact of life is that the brain can only function in a state of security, otherwise we go into panic and we seek to run away from danger, and in order to have security you must have strong governments as one political scientist said, “better a tyranny then anarchy” – the sixth fact is that each person is a conflicted between the rational mind that can make rational decisions and their irrational emotions, and when things are good in society, it just is a matter of time between the libido and the ego destroying common sense, as all of history shows, which leads us to the final fact, that the only way humanity can survive is exclusively following God

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