10 New Teachings from The Baal Shem Tov

133 The Baal Shen Tov gives an amazing parable, once a king said, anyone can come to me and I shall fulfil their request – many came requesting gold and silver but one special person said to the king – my request is to but come speak with you three times a day- the king was so pleased that this was the man’s request, that through the multiple doorways to the king were many treasures and the king said – for this person all my treasures- on his way to speak to me, are open.

Note 125

The Tzaddik perceives that any pain or lack that he or the Jewish people has, is a lack in the Shechina and therefore he prays for the Shechina – as is rectified above, so is rectified below.

When the prayer is for the Shechina, God is there.

A righteous man prays that His prayers should be for the sake of the Shechina.

Such a prayer God gives the person (as in the example above) everything.

King David said, “A prayer of a poor person – before God, he requests to pour forth his supplication” that a person’s sole prayer is for God.

The Baal Shem Tov gave an example – three types of people approach the king – the first one seeing the guards outside, run (from fright) the second, bribe the guards, but coming to the palace and seeing treasures the likes they have never experienced, get so caught up, they forget the king – but the third, realize, that compared to the source of all pleasures, The King Himself…


I heard from my master (the Baal Shem Tov) that though Reb Nechuniah ben Hakana (one of the great Kabbalists) knew all the Kabbalistic names of God etc. nonetheless, he prayed like a child – just to God Himself.

My master explained – regarding prayer and Divine service, there are two types – negative, namely God is distancing the person – Positive, that God brings the person close – now when a person says the name of God, they are meant to meditate that God is the Master (depending on the name) as well as that He is the source of all life, constantly present… – now can there be a greater unity then this kiss (the feeling of closeness to God) but when a person is being distanced, then he is given distracting (or troublesome) thoughts – now the truth of the matter is, that the purpose of these troubles is only to cause later a deeper bond (through re-attachment – Teshuvah,) in fact when a person is troubling another, he’s still present (engaged with the other) similarly, one should realize – though the sweetness of God is better, nonetheless, even when God is troubling, He is here.

135 A holy person should realize that if an extraneous force causes one to need to stop studying Torah, or praying, this too is for the sake of a deeper (Teshuva re-attachment) bond.  


The ten premises which formulate all others – number one nothing exists without the constant energizing Force from the source of all existence! number two if that is the case, all that exists is part of a bigger picture – there is no existence that exists just for the sake of existing! number 3 the big picture is not about existence, as mentioned, rather it’s about relationships – number four, there are five primary relationships: the first is the relationship between Man and God, the second is the relationship between me and myself, which must be positive, the third is relationship between me and my significant other which is based on give and take which is a very mature attitude, the 4th is my relationship to others which also must be based on give and take, the 5th is my Altruistic, which is in other words compassion, as well as obligation V fact of life is that the brain can only function in a state of security, otherwise we go into panic and we seek to run away from danger, and in order to have security you must have strong governments as one political scientist said, “better a tyranny then anarchy” – the sixth fact is that each person is a conflicted between the rational mind that can make rational decisions and their irrational emotions, and when things are good in society, it just is a matter of time between the libido and the ego destroying common sense, as all of history shows, which leads us to the final fact, that the only way humanity can survive is exclusively following God


Infinite sin of stupid secularism is by denying the fact that within us all is 3 – namely the force of Divine altruism, the force of natural needs and instincts, and the force of the opposite of Divine altruism namely maniacal sadism – by denying the force of evil, the force of evil, as we saw in Hitler, convincing otherwise normal Germans, and in Obama.. , convincing otherwise normal Americans, to completely consider themselves superior and another segment of the population only redeemable through their destruction