6 New Inspirations From The Baal Shem Tov

94. Our prayers should be specifically so the voice (meaning the Holy letters contain Divine energy) should return to her father the king – this is like a conman who really has no business coming to the king, but as he is given the task of holding onto the kings signet ring, which the king loves – all the gates are to him open – similarly a person who sole desire in his prayers is that the words return to her father – all gateways of blessing to him/her are open.

95. I heard from my Master (the Baal Shem Tov) regarding morning prayers – that it should be  as is written “I wake up the dawn and the dawn doesn’t arouse (rouse) me” – a person must try and exert much effort until Boruch She-amer which corresponds to the world of Assiyah – which is below, the location of Kelipos – and then he should concentrate further from Boruch She-amer until Yishtabach which is the world of Yetzira, and there, there are less kelipos – and from Yishtabach until Shemoinah Esrai you should concentrate further (deeper) and then during Shemoinah Esrei, this is like hugging and kissing (intimacy) and one should undress oneself of one’s physicality, as it says in Shulchan Aruch, see there… – and then one arouses the spirit (Divine) and in this order… a male (in other words, permanent inspiration) is engendered – however when a person randomly receives a Divine inspiration, this is not good, and therefore when this occurs one should have an intense fear (of God) and pray from the depths of the heart.

Note 65 The Baal Shem Tov says prayer is intimacy with the Shechina.

Note 66 If a person suddenly is aroused by a Divine inspiration, a great love for God (without any effort) this is not a good sign at all.

The Baal Shem Tov says we need to ask God that we should come to him in inspiration, not that we get a gift from beyond of inspiration for in such a circumstance there is the attribute of Din.

The Baal Shem Tov said a reason why Moshiach is delayed is because we don’t properly arouse ourselves to love God in Ahava Rabbah which is preparation for Shemoinah Esrei.


The reason why religion, monotheism, ethical monotheism, is literally the greatest invention that ever ever ever came to this world, is because the intense stupidity of paganism and hedonism, is that effectively the notion is that “I wish to get what I wish” but the thing is, that if you are making wishes no matter what you have you will wish for more☹️, whereas in ethical monotheism, it is the wish to be good


The secret of life is understanding the secret to the heartbeat, which operates on an expansion / contraction, whereas the ego which is our desire to get our desires, is in, like insanity.. just desiring to expand, and of-course a heart that only expands would die… whereas the flip side, which is fear, would be a need to self-protect which would result in a lack of courage, therefore the trick of life Is Knowing what is worth, and not worth doing


Like Russian dolls, every single outer intention conceals the most inner – so if can work our way back to the most inner parts… so the most outer parts of reality is physicality, and behind physicality is the spirit, each and every physical thing has a soul, just like we have in our body a soul – every soul has a longing to go back to its source, and it is God who forces the soul to come to the body – for though the child may wish to live at home, because he loves Daddy and Mommy… the father wants the child to go make a positive impact