The greatest truth that exists is only when you understand the following three: namely that in the beginning was a Being who there is a zero comparison to anything we know, and this is Being who is made of pure love, and every single quality possible, and foresaw His children, which is all of us, and decided to bestow – and in order to bestow He had to create a fake universe, in which independent consciousness – that’s a very very very critical word – because we and God are the only two beings between all the zillions of creations, whether it’s an angel, or rock, an amoeba, even a monkey, that have the ability to have free choice, and when we would so choose… the many many many good deeds that we have done, commanded in the Torah given to us by God on Mount Sinai 3,300 + years ago – because their ability is to connect the infinite God, beyond the finite dimension, within the very time space soul dimension that we exist! – Therefore in the current age, as our Moses, for every generation has a Moses, the Rebbe, has taught us, the Messianic age, The infinity which obviously cannot be accessed by the finite mind, but can be continuously in enhanced, by allowing it to, with an encompassing mechanism, sort of like when a person gives you a hint – to continuously upgrade, our search for truth