It says that man is like the tree of the field and maybe you can add more examples, but these are the ones that I can say: and that is each one of us is unique, each one of us contributes to the general atmosphere, each one of us needs the sun and the air and the ground and the water and the nutrients – basically are completely dependent on God, and the mechanisms that He provides – now what many people don’t know is the following two things about trees: and the first is the trees are actually conscious beings, they are actually sensitive – and in the Amazon rainforest is a tribe that when they want to kill a tree, they gather around it for 30 days and they shout at it – and likewise we all react to positive or negative emotions / of Love or fear, anger God-forbid – and the other thing about the trees, that most people don’t know, is trees help each other, and form conduits beneath the ground which can go kilometers long and they actually transfer information… when there’s a problem… a bug that’s attacking… And finally perhaps most importantly, is what’s called A Mother Tree, this is a tree that will sort of like a mother, take responsibility for the other trees, and in every generation God sends us a Rebbe

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