Teachings Of The Baal Shem Tov

17. Rashi comments, the Torah could have begun from “This is the first month” (in other words, the first Mitzvah…) why did it begin with Breishis, in order to teach us the greatness of His handiwork etc.

The general and specific principle is that every Jew must believe and know that there is in this world a God, who is Great and Mighty and Awesome and He is One, United, Complete Oneness – He Was Before Anything And Is The Prime Cause – And He Is Within The Heaven Above And The Earth Below, Within The Time Of This World From Beginning To End – And He Will Be Forever And Ever With No End – He Created In The Six Days Of Creation The World, Both Generally And With All Its Minute Details – And All Of This He Creates, For The Jewish People, His Holy Nation – He created us in His world for He envisioned us to begin.

He took us out of Egypt and brought us before Mount Sinai, and gave us the Torah of Truth – in order to teach us, so we may keep it and do it – and to serve His service with love and fear.

However, a person must know, that the main service of God is to serve Him in truth – as it states in the Zohar – “there is fear and there is fear” “there is love and there is love” – see there.. – and the principle is, that a person at every moment must look at his action and desires, all his deeds, even the good deeds and his Torah and Mitzvos, if there is an admixture of personal gain or for honor etc., and one should ensure that the only reason He serves God is to glorify His great and Holy name, and all He does should only be for God alone, with sincerity.

And all this God made known to us in his Holy Torah, immediately in the beginning of the Holy Torah, and He began and said, “In the beginning God created heaven and earth” which includes everything within and also the reason for creation is for the Jewish people whom are called the beginning – and also beginning is the acronym “In the beginning God saw” – that the Jewish people will receive the Torah – as is known – and also “In the beginning God made,” is the final letter (of each word, makes) Truth – so everything, is alluded to in the opening line of the Torah, that God made everything, and what He made was for the Jewish people – and the love for the Jewish people is, as they would accept the Torah, and the Torah is kept when we do it in truth – only when we do it truthfully, is this considered a truthful service.

However each person must know, that not all people merit to come to truth, quintessential truth – unless one first acquires the trait of humility, and seeing oneself truly as nothing, to the nth degree – to not consider yourself important at all – as Moses said, “we are nothing” – therefore all clever, should realize that “really there is nothing I have to be prideful about” – pride (arrogance) is apposite to truth – the truth is humility and feeling unimportant, while arrogance is a lie – and this has already been dealt with at length in all the ethical works – however a fool who understands not, doesn’t realize their own issue, and unfortunately distances themselves from truth – and such a person is distant from God, whose seal is truth – and he is distant from the Torah, which is a Torah of truth – and God says “I and such a person together cannot dwell” – and it says there – “whoever is arrogant, is as if one worships idols” – as it states, “God hates a haughty heart” – especially as arrogance is a false reality – and the verse states, “A person of falsehood cannot stand in front of me.”

However one who in their own estimation is like nothing – this person is close to God and His Torah – as the verse states – “To him I will peer, to the humble-hearted” – and this is also hinted to when they said, “when one is humble, God can dwell within Him” and then he achieves the quintessential truth, and everything He does is true, and it elevates to God!

And this is hinted to, at the end of the verse that says “The heaven;” that when one serves God from truth, his good deeds elevate to heaven, and this comes about because a person feeling like he is but a clod “of earth” – so we see how everything is hinted to, in the very first verse.

And this is what Rashi alludes to in his first Rashi, that there is a God – this is the first step – acknowledging the all-encompassing God who created the world of the Jewish people.

And God gave the Torah – and this is the task of the Jewish people to keep the Torah – and when we keep it, this stabilizes the entire world.

And God also told us, the main thing is to keep the Torah with sincerity – which also as we know, causes God to recipicully do the Mitzvah.  

And God taught us the way to acquire truth is through the acquisition of humility.

And this is the meaning, “Truth From The Ground Sprouts” when one is humble like the ground, then truth sprouts.

19. If I understand this teaching Ed. – There are five Alefs in Az Yashir (Amar Oiyev etc.) – and five Alefs in the five times light is mentioned (in the beginning of Breishis) Alef also means to educate – so when we bring light into the five thousand years, Moshiach comes.

22. The letter Alef is the secret of God – Beis is two alefs – etc. until Tof which is 400 Alefs – hence the first letter is the beginning of the infinite light which goes further and further until the letter Tov which is malchus of malchus (the lowest level) which it there descends even into bad thoughts and lust, and the Tzaddikim who are the agents of God, they connect themselves to these letters, and they raise them from level to level, then they raise from the lowest depth until the sky, the holy sparks – this is called learning for the sake of God, therefore they merit many things – for each letter has many levels and it carries the Tzaddik along.

24. Let there be light – God had to infinitely reduce Himself so we could exist.

25. The sum total of truth is that in the beginning from the infinite fountainhead, God revealed Himself, but in order for God to reveal Himself, He had to conceal himself – so the Creations in each worlds should according to their capacity understand – so the concealment is associated to the body which feels pain,  the revelation is associated to the soul which feels pleasure – so when we perceive that all the negative is but for the positive – we transform the negative to positive.    

26 The sun is covered in it sheath (solar winds) that protect us from its heat – so too the infinity of the name Havayeh is too bright, hence it is concealed in the name Elokim (that creates nature – or the appearance of such.)

When Moshiach comes, God will unleash the sun – the higher name havayeh and the righteous through it will be healed (and the wicked …)

27. The light God made on the first day, He hid it and placed it within the Torah and the Tzaddikim can open the Torah and see from one end of the world to the next, as my great uncle, Gershon Kutavier (this is the grandson of the Baal Shem Tov writing) once was asked by the Baal Shem Tov “I saw one week on Shabbos you were outside of Israel, how come?” – so he explained that a man had a child and wanted him to be at the Bris – now the Baal Shem Tov was far away in Mezibush, but He saw this (and there are too many stories to recount…) just by opening the Zohar.

28. The Tzaddik of the generation, can see from one end of the world to the other, so those who are blind… if they merely follow.

29.  When someone was learning Mishnayois, the Baal Shem Tov could tell him, what would occur to him that year.

31. Tzaddikim through attaching their thoughts to heaven and hence feeling the emotions of above, can know.

32 It is known that God hid the primordial light in the Torah, but how can the small Torah contain this infinite light, the answer is, the Torah is infinitely greater than the universe.

 33. The Baal Shem Tov said – “when a Tzaddik open a holy Sefer (Torah book) he sees – as prophecy.”

34. The Torah has not really been opened… – for very few see its true infinity.

35. The seven days of creation represent the seven emotions – each emotion has light and darkness, positive and negative, for example, there is love and there is lust, there is fear of God and there is hate (an offshoot of fear) etc.