o.k. Here’s the rub – “The Book of Creation,” the premise of all of, well, creation, Kabbalah, reality (even though it is a pithy 32 paragraphs, literally it is the source code) says: “There is nothing higher than pleasure, and nothing worse than pain” – well the fact of the matter is, that for the body which works on instincts (which by the way, is how every living thing also functions) this is absolute – so let’s understand for a moment what is the highest pleasure..? – in my life I can honestly say that the highest pleasure I have ever had a. being in the Rebbe’s presence b. being at a Chassidishe Farbrengen (gathering of Chassidim in an informal setting ) c. the moments when I actually concentrate on the meaning of the Holy Words in the prayer (At that time there is a portal in heaven that opens to our consciousness) d. certainly being with my wife e. certainly interacting positively with my children – e. certainly interacting positively with fellow Jews (especially , and ) all people f. certainly the unique insight into spirituality gained in Chassidus (modern Jewish mysticism) but most of all! a pleasure which exceeds all these pleasures! is giving charity! helping another! – that must be exactly where the source (God) of pleasure is

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