Because what ultimately we all seek is happiness – happiness is the result of five things, which is number one not sadness, and sadness is the result not of circumstance… we have many people, in fact studies show, that the people in worse circumstances are much happier than the people in better… the Western world that has so much more, has much more rates of depression and suicide – so unhappiness is about not getting your way when you think that you should… just like say if I went into a bank and they didn’t give me $1,000, it wouldn’t be upsetting… but if they didn’t give me my $1,000 !!- it would be very upsetting : ( _ so when a person is a true believer in God, and they don’t think that their way, but God’s way is the right way! that’s the first step – the second step is we have to love people, and certainly if we’re in a situation or environment of hate and antagonism, that is very difficult – the third step is we have to give to people, for happiness depends very much on a feeling of meaning in life – and last but not least, it goes without saying, that if a person is healthy versus God-forbid unhealthy, this will make a difference, so what they call sharpening the sword, making sure the tool that grants you all these beautiful gifts, your body is in good shape, is critically important as well – these five things are really the sum total of happiness, though they may be easier said than done

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