The 10 unignorable facts (factors)

  1. You must have a good Government – one that has law and order (otherwise as our sages state, people will literally eat each other alive.)
  2. You must have shelter
  3. You must have water
  4. You must have HEALTHY food
  5. You must have clothing
  6. You must have love – love is the feeling that those you love, love you
  7. You must have purpose – purpose is knowing that each and everything – including you is part of God’s design – if you are a Jew, you have 613 Mitzvos, if you are a gentile 7, and in general goodness and kindness
  8. You must grow – growth is acknowledging that as God is infinite (without beginning nor end, while we are with beginning) hence we can spiritually continually advance (mainly through studying Torah, prayer and seeing Hashgacha Pratis – lessons in life from everything)
  9. If you can, you must marry and have children
  10. You must try to uplift (husband to wife – wife to husband – parents to children – and to all people)
  11. You must give (if you can ) everything, at least 20% or 10% to charity (for charity is not a donation – God gives one person money to help the next – and when one does so, the money one has, is ordained to be used only for good and healthy purposes.)  

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