Baal Shem Tov on Toildois

1 Says the Holy Baal Shem Tov, how can Avrohom who is Chessed (pure kindness) give birth to Yitzchok who represented din (strict goodness, as the former is expansive, the latter contracted) So he answers, this is the kindness in strict, because through creating a world – that contains, those who have lack – this allows that when another fills the lack – the meaning of the word Chessed (chesar dileis – fill the lack) then this draws down from God, infinite kindness.

3. From the day that Eisav fooled Yitzchok as the verse says, he would trick him that he was religious– this caused that there is no Tzaddik who can see in his son evil.

4 When Moshiach comes – as Avrohom did – we will perceive how every Mitzvah in fact is the source of our soul (energy) and the world – and without this energy our soul is incomplete.The notion of Avrohom and Yitzchok digging wells is, that they dug in the dirt to reveal the wellsprings of Torah, however after Avrohom revealed the living waters of Torah, the pelishtim  – the kelipah came and covered it – so then Yitzchok once again dug the wells – so all the Torah and ability to believe in God that we have today, is because of their herculean efforts.

When one has an inner (yirah pnimis) fear of God, then one has nothing to fear of the kelipah (using their energy for the negative) and such a person can be a Rabbi – Rebbe.

From Rabbi Chaninah Ben Dosa came the gateway for all Jews to receive sustenance.

God said “the whole world is sustained because of Chanina my son, and Chanina survives on a bushel (bundle) of carobs week to week.”

Explains the holy Baal Shem Tov, a Tzaddik draws down sustenance for the world – but like a pipeline needs not for himself.

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