The five factors that are under our control are first of all to understand that life is not random and therefore you are not random even though you did not choose to create yourself – you were chosen by the Creator to be created for a creative purpose – the second is that when you discover that purpose, and you actually do it, your soul will feel very creative and you will create, and that will create a better creation – and as others also look up to you, seeing that you had the creativeness to be creative, and they begin to believe in their own creativeness, and they create – that creates that you may have a ripple effect throughout the entire universe – so let us not feel sorry for creation and our circumstance, rather let us be creative, and create a positive creative, infinite creativity !


The infinite worldview

As you may or may not know, each one of us has a worldview.

Quite simply a worldview is the way each individual views the world.

Of course every philosophy, religion, even anti-philosophy, religion… is a specific worldview.

The worldview of Judaism which is of-course the only worldview not based on assumption, but based on Revelation, contains five most important factors:

1. The first factor is that life is Meaningful! it has a purpose! it was created for a reason!

2. The second factor is that the reason life was created was in order for people, who are really parts of God, to both individually and collectively grow, and therefore have unity and love.

3. The reason growth is necessary, is because each person has within them an idealistic soul and a narcissistic body, and unless the soul develops, the body envelops.

4. On a practical level each person is given the incredible wisdom of the Torah, every generation has a Rebbe, in ours the Lubavitcher Rebbe who has given us tremendous guidance – we of course experience from time to time a miracle or hear about them, so we can have faith – so we can live without fear! but likewise each person is given a Yetzer Hara, a demon trying to make them feel guilty and worthless, so they devolve into truly a guilt-ridden worthless person, by trying to alleviate their shame perhaps through drugs 😢…

and by realizing that the Yetzer Hara often infects people, hence their criticism of-course is based on jealousy, for everybody truly wishes to be happy, and there is no happiness but an inner sense that your life is fulfilling its higher calling…! so a person maintains their focus, and their humility, through these mechanisms.

5. Last but not least, we have to live both practically, and as the Rebbe says, when you have a medical question, ask a doctor whose a friend; a financial question, ask a businessman whose a friend; and when you have a spiritual question, ask a Rabbi whose a friend! and we also have to live in the belief that Moshiach is about to come –

The World Is Going To Be Pure Light!