Hi my name is Rabbi Wineberg – I have a website called Kabbalwisdom, my book Kabbalah Love teaching people how to get out of fear and into true love has thank God been televised in a mini-series in South Africa, watched by millions – Let’s talk about love… A Guide

What is love?

Love is a force.

If we really had to boil down love, we could say there are two types:

There is attraction which is because there is something that will be pleasurable to me.

The second is there is a sense of reverence, respect; so it’s more like being impressed; and creates almost a humility – so it’s an attraction to someone you care for.

As you can see, though they are both love – attraction – the difference is one is selfish, the other is selfless.

Now let’s talk about intimacy – intercourse.

Everything God made, He made that it can be used in a good or bad way – let’s use an example from a knife, you could use it to eat or God-forbid kill – one gives life, the other destroys.

The same is with intimacy.

When we follow the guidelines set out by our Creator which is a. that Jewish people should marry Jews and bring Jewish children and raise them Jewishly into the world, then because we are focused on a higher mission, this is intimacy that unites.

On the flipside there is a natural instinct in man to denigrate.

If we (and this happens subconsciously, but is the little high that intercourse brings, is about ‘power’ then of course, for one person to be “more powerful” that means another is being shamed: (

It is a mistake for a man to think that sleeping with a woman callously / causally is o.k.

It is actually a form of rape

For women are long term planners

The only reason they agree – they are thinking that this will one day lead to children, love, and family.

So to sleep with a woman is literally a rape of her heart, her trust.

A man is very very important – especially to a woman and children.

Men provide a sense of love, a sense of safety, a sense of honor.

So once again, the question we have to ask ourselves is do we want to be righteous – and this of course includes girls/women, for they have an equal responsibility not to be the vehicle that leads men to sin, (and trust me, as every single study shows, sleeping with a man, not only doesn’t lead to commitment it makes you seem cheap – men are conquerors, they respect those who respect themselves.)

So have absolute clarity that you will only live with a (if Jewish) Jewish male, and intimacy – even touch should only come after marriage – otherwise as studies show you will break your heart, again : ( and again : ( and again : (

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