The best example – a car – there are five, really really important factors – the first is the safety (healthy – body – functionality) of the car – the second is the destination – now these two factors are polar opposites – one is purely a physical (and it functions in a physical dimension – hence, must have physical properties conducive to its functioning) the second is actually choice – the best direction – in addition of-course for the car to move, the driver must have a balance between tranquility (hence the ability to think – make rational (protective and beneficial) choices) and drive (Desire – which is the only reason to move) – now of course a car must have gas – however gas is exceptionally dangerous – it must also have the ability to break and when necessary stop – the actual human likewise 1. has a car – a body which must be kept healthy b. must really figure out the best destiny c. must have tranquility (usually achieved through faith, often achieved through gratitude – which usually is best induced as the first thought of the day becomes our train of thought – so think ten gratitudes in the morning ) likewise a person must also have passion, this of-course is the ego, however if the ego – fire – left unchecked, it crashes and burns – so we must also have the ability (again by humbling ourselves to the fact a. we are merely a Divine creation, b. for a Divine purpose)

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