The ten factors that really matter

So now we’re sitting on a mountain – galaxies! of data and revelation – Jewish mysticism – amazingly, those who read both, see they are actually complimentary

  1. The first factor that matters is to the extent that we consider that our lives are here for a reason.

(We do this by acknowledging that this world is not some kind of random lucky occurrence, rather God chose to make it – if He chose to make it, this world is a result of thought – that thought, continually imbues all life with its very existence – Furthermore, each of us are a part of the whole – so one example would be, like a conductor who decides to make a symphony – none of the musicians are random – each contributes through their best effort, the awesome melody that inspires the world – We each, through dedicating ourselves to our God given mission (Torah and Mitzvos for Jews, seven Nohaide laws for Gentiles (asknoah.org) which both boil down to goodness and kindness – make the world, well, into a better, kinder, more lovable place!)

# 2 It goes without saying, that just as the individual needs a meaningful goal, the nation needs law, order and respect.

(One need only look at the disastrous consequence of even removing dictators, as we see, say in Libya, where internal strife has led to 4,000 deaths, 1/3 of the country fleeing as refugees – hence we see the importance of law and order, and mutual respect – we must vehemently oppose the radical groups that claim to be the moral authority such as black lives matter, LBGQT… for while the normal citizens allow others freedom, these groups seek to tyrannize, whether through force, lawfare or shame.)

#3 Health – eat right, drink right, sleep well

(Numerous studies show, what we eat, drink, and sleep REALLY MATTERS! – the body doesn’t exist, it is a collection of the food, first from the mother and then from what we eat – every 120 days 80% of your cells die and are recreated using the food you feed the body.)

#4 Think positive

(Numerous studies show the powerful effect of positive versus negative thinking on health, relationships, joy, hence success – especially when you wake up – as the first thought of the day becomes your train of thought – say at least ten things for which you are grateful.)

# 5 Get married and have good friends

(In the longest longevity study, having friendship – positive social interactions, is a major health benefit, not to mention, the best part of life!)

#6 Have children

(As Judaism teaches, a person without children is called destroyed, and is obviously the great pleasure life can bring.)

#7 Raise, Educate, Inspire Your Children

(As the Rebbe said to a lady who asked for educational advice – “Be a good role model!”)

#8 Believe in Moshiach

(We believe, very soon a redeemer, like Moses, sent by God, will miraculously revive the good dead, bring the Jews on clouds to Israel, manifest the Third Holy Temple, create world peace – HOPE IS NECESSARY)

#9 Don’t watch the news

(As studies show, the media both depresses and causes anxiety)

#10 Ask (As the Rebbe says, if you need to know what to do, ask a friend who is an expert – be it a doctor, financial, spiritual.)