You know, one of the greatest scientists that ever lived was a man by the name of von-Neumann, and he invented the computer, which is a remarkable thing, for the first time humans were able to talk to objects; also invented algorithms, which are also remarkable things, for the first time, that objects are taught how to think – and last but not least, he had much to say about humans themselves, and many Nobel prizes have been won on his Game-Theory and his Game Theory has been enhanced by Dr Aumonn, who won a Nobel Prize for this work – and effectively game theory teaches that people behave like rats, ready to rip each other apart, unless of course they decide to cooperate – and Dr Aumonn discover of what causes the transformation from rat like behavior to cooperation, is effectively, that the more you bang your head against the wall in the hope that the wall will break, eventually you realize that your head will break 😣 and therefore if we look at the span of human history we realize that whether it was the Jews in exile, whether it was the Western world after two world wars, whether it was perhaps even AMALEK/Germany giving up its “super” status after its own despicable inhumane treatment of others – whether it’s even the Arabs, who have skills of evil and sadism unmatched by all people, after their own “Arab winter” realizing… that It Is Not The Other, That Needs To Change

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