We all have five

1. Let’s go from lowest to highest

We have pride – this of-course is our illusion of power / importance (the flipside of-course is shame, our illusion of powerlessness or disempowerment, relative to others.)

2. We have pain / pleasure, alternatively called fear / love – ironically this is actually very much related to our ego, for depending on what we consider gain, gives us a pleasure, and what we consider loss…

3 What makes us different to an animal is that we also have an independent consciousness (whereas bees for example calculate distances to flowers – and communicate through a dance to others – better than supercomputers!! Of-course their brain is a result of their pain / pleasure instincts, as it can be for many humans – especially when an emotion of love or fear is overpowering, however) what makes a human unique is that we think – thinking is the ability to objectively assess.

4. Of-course we also have (again, unlike animals – though it is somewhat present in higher animals) a moral sense – we feel guilty (ashamed of ourselves) for cruelty, and proud of ourselves for kindness.

5. And the highest most important part of us – which Mysticism reveals, is our ability to Access, Listen to and hence Adhere to God.

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